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Re: Home Starting Out The New Year With A Broken Shirt!

Jan 2, 2010
i said it before and ill say it again we need to hit na home in the wallet please if you really want to affect change for na home dont buy anything untill things start to change i for one will not be buying anything this year untill public voice chat returns or something dramatic happens to make me change my mind.
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Re: Home Starting Out The New Year With A Broken Shirt!

Jan 2, 2010

the1cj wrote:

what if you were brand new on home and seen this mess up...?

If I were new to Home, I would have thought, "Wow! This brand new shirt looks really cool!"


People not being able to celebrate together wasn't SCEA's fault. It was the fault of the person who set the clock of their PS3.


Quality Assurance tests are done on a seperate closed server. Once the product passes the test, it is released on the public servers. The problem with public servers is the internet, internet traffic and each user's individual internet set up.


In my job for the Navy, I work for Quality Assurance. When a product leaves my hands it is in the best quality possible. After that, quality begins to deteriorate due to multiple people handling it and how it is stored and used. It is the same for our virtual items and updates. Once they leave the QA server, the product begins to be pulled apart (figuratively) by the sources I mentioned above.

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