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Re: Home Security Breaches and You*Updated 9/30*

Aug 12, 2009

It's been stickied! All these months and it's finally been stickied! *Dances* Props to you JiggyTeddy!


PS.(I was around when this was created, and I supported this 100%, that's why I'm so estatic about this,and I wasn't even a beta tester then.)


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Re: Home Security Breaches and You*Updated 9/30*

Aug 15, 2009

Nice one, Kudos to you, I'm quoting your message just again for everyone to read it one more time = ), plus when you share game sharing do you mean lending your Blu-ray Games and borrowing them??

jiggyteddy wrote:

PLAYSTATION®Network - Complaint Form - User Information


Gameshare Risk

With the increasing outbreak of scamming and victims, I think people should seriously not gameshare no matter how tempting the offer is.


You will get sob stories from the perp and harrassment... but don't appease by giving in. If you do that, you have opened up a very bad door which has greater ramifications than you think.


They have gotten to quite a few beta testers, but they don't stop there. They don't care if you are a tester. It might have initially been testers were targeted more, but with more new content released on the PS Store, normal users are just as good. Many of us make purchases and these people are trying to free load.


Sony, what started off as a great idea... is now shooting you in the foot.


The scammers may even pose as one of the testers and entice you by sharing the beta with you... but be careful. You might not be the scammer, but you are also participating in this act of fraud. It works both ways. And not just that, but once you have exchanged your information, you have already compromised yourself. You have just opened the door to your account being hijacked. But don't worry... there are consequences. But the possible headache will be a hassle.


Please use the complaint form on top.


PSN and email scams will now ramped up again. Logic tells you that they will be out in full force especially with the theme invite system they are implementing. So be vigilant, but most importantly be cautious of any person asking for information in regards to your account. Obviously, they are not who they seem. So please be sure to utilize the Network Complaint form!


Yes this has been done numerous times before... but I felt as if there was a need to because some people just don't understand the trouble it has caused some members here. No need to mention names here. Just report them with the complaint form. Bookmark it, you never know when you might need it! I know I have.


It would be reported as "criminal activity" because identity theft is a major problem. There are major ramifications for this, so scammers beware. I hope you guys know what you are getting into.


The Use of a "Credible" Publication

This is a new one that I have been alerted to by some friends today on PSN.


Apparently, the scammer has resorted to a new tactic.  Instead of using "home beta" as part of the user name in sending the pm... a couple have reported a "IGN REDGE" today.  Note, that the scammer is probably using the IGN name for credibility reasons since he/she might feel that the "home beta" moniker has been exhausted.  Nice try ass.  You have gone from lying about being a representative for home to lying to being a representative for another company.


I hope you get everything coming towards you.  Not only is using "home" or "Sony" in your name not enough, you now have to smear other companies in your scheme.  What does that mean?  You now meddled in someone else's business now since you have in effect commited "slander" against that other company.


Nice, you just doubled your liability.   


Now this one is for those that leak, which also is a breach... this goes to the leaking loser testers.


There are repercussions, as all the vet testers know.  You will ask for the ban hammer on your ass.  We're not talking just a home beta ban, but you're asking for the PSN ban.  Sucks?  Yep.... for you.  But you did think about that possible ramification right? 


Oh and by the way, that ban goes for scammer and violator of the NDA.  So keep that in mind ask yourself if it is worth it.


And as always, remember this golden rule: Sony will NEVER ask you for you log in and password. EVER.

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Re: Home Security Breaches and You*Updated 9/30*

Sep 22, 2009

Thanks everyone.  I sure missed a lot this summer... my first thread that ever got stickied! 


Too bad I wasn't around when this happened, but glad that it reached some users out there.  Account security should always be a top concern in this day and age of the internet.  


Good luck everyone.

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Re: Home Security Breaches and You

Jul 19, 2010

Oh how we have lost some really great forumers.

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Re: Home Security Breaches and You

Jul 19, 2010


footballrule wrote:

Oh how we have lost some really great forumers.

Yep, this was a 5-star thread for sure.


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