Dec 22 2013
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Home Real LIfe Cosplay: PiNk_PHaNTaSy

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I actually managed some time for everyone! Now, this one is not so clear, which I honestly do not know why nor do I know how to fix it. SO it's not perfection, but it is a bit risky.

If you have any complaints about the outfit, I will take it into consideration and most likely not do anything about it. This was what they wanted me to wear, so I did as so with knowing that it is more than what I've done before.

Also, please let me know if you want a cosplay of yours, I love your comments and even more, your requests(: You can either post a picture in the comments, or send me a message with your picture, either way, I check all.

Thank you and enjoy. Love you all <3


Pink Phantasy 1.jpgPink Phantasy.jpg


This is a redo of one I did before, didn't change a thing. But for some reason, I guess I accidentally put it in a reply to another one I've done.

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