Dec 10 2008
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Home Innovation and Ideas

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There are a couple of things that I thought would be cool when Home Open Beta launches tomorrow.  For the Red Bull Fly Race, it would be very cool to be able to see a player at random outside of the windows of Home in real time.  Probably not ever going to happen, but a sweet idea nonetheless. 


Also, I wonder if they're going to add any new Tabs within Life with Playstation, one of course being a direct link to Home or something.  I believe this has the potential to actually making Trophies earned in Home correspond to how many protein units you folded, or how long you folded in one session.  


They already stated that Home would have its own Trophies to be earned, so this popular (and once comical) idea could become a reality.


Post more cool ideas.  This should be big. 

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Re: Home Innovation and Ideas

May 22, 2010

Yeah I like that Idea to innovate with home. And have folding at home trophies. This will get the trophy hunters folding. And maybe some small rewards in home like a special folding at home cloths for so many units complete. Or a special avatar. They put up the leader boards connected to your ID so they can easily track progress. There will be a lot more users that dont normally use it. So if you put in 20 trophies I bet all the gamers that go for trophies will certainly go for them.


A nice update to folding at home would be video chat with others while folding have lobbies or something.

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Re: Home Innovation and Ideas

May 22, 2010
Wow...where did you dig this thread out from? Smiley Tongue


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