Nov 23 2012
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I would Like to get into a conversation with a Home Moderator To discuss being stalked. I have a Bot stalking me from room to room to room. I have go to my space multi times and when i leave to go anywhere it appears and continues to follow me, I have blocked it  and ignored it and still it finds and follows me, It is a Known Bot within the poker rooms and Many people are having problems, On occasion the user does come on and when I caught him this morning he harassed me severly, reported me multiple times. I have contacted sony and they told me to come here and ask for a Home moderator, PLEASE help me Smiley Tongue  Im sick of being stalked

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Re: Home Forums Mods

Nov 23, 2012
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Re: Home Forums Mods

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Nov 23, 2012

The primary means of reporting someone in Home is by tapping the Select button and scrolling down to the report option. This does not mean that the matter will be taken care of immediately, unless a Moderator happens to be there. As Moderation gets numerous reports a day, it could take a week or more.


If the situation worsens or continues, we can come to this forum and send a PM (Private Message) to HomeForumMods. Do include the alleged offender's PSN ID, the date, time, time zone and the details of the offense.


And do share this information with your friends who may be experiencing the same problem.

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Re: Home Forums Mods

Nov 23, 2012

You sure you just don't have a companion out?  Smiley Happy

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