May 28 2012
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Helpful tips on Whack Off

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A lot of people get stuck on level 8, 9 and 10 with this game.  Use the game like a clock and don't go so fast when hitting those bugs. You need to go fast somewhat but learn to tap, instead of using force.  Once I learned that, I found Whack Off to be very easy. I was stuck on level 8 for the longest time, because I was hitting X, way too fast.  All you need to do is, tap X and move L3 and use it like a clock.  Don't use force.

Tip on Scatter Shot:  SAVE your ammo.  at the start, shot one at a time and don't waste your ammo, you will need it for the end.  One shot at a time.

There are some good videos on youtube, but some don't explain what to do.  Especially Whack Off.  So, I thought I would share this tip. I see a lot of people stuck on level 8 and 9, 10  on Whack Off. Good luck

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Re: Helpful tips on Whack Off

May 28, 2012

thank you so much for this post

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