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Re: Hed Kandi item

Apr 21, 2013

Sherriiff wrote:

I was hoping that admins or someone could add the Hed Kandi event to the other regions such as the U.S.. I know that if you change regions and hack they can result in banning, yet a lot of people still do it and they have not been caught, so I was hoping of instead of going through all the hassle of risking a ban why not bring events to all regions? It would raise profits for those items such as hed kandi, I personally would prefer those hed kandi dance items rather than the dance pack 2 with the famous dances. A lot of the new dances look poorly why not bring hed kandi items and other items to all regions? Please and thank you for your time^^

The event is over and its been over for some time now, so the time to bring the event to NA is long gone!!  Also bringing the event here will not "as you said" raise profits since all of the items in that space were FREE and Lastly as someone else mentioned "Since its a UK based record label I truly don't ever see this coming to North America"

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