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Re: Haunted House

Oct 26, 2012
Yes but you have too pay 20$ too Get a gift card which you know you'll spend on some home clothes Smiley Tongue
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Re: Haunted House

Oct 26, 2012
Siren is a great spooky space... classic
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Re: Haunted House

Oct 26, 2012


Jersquall wrote:

  This discussion is about Home events and the possibility of maybe paying to get in to said event. Looking for Pro's and Cons of doing so. If Sony had built a Haunted house space would you pay to enter? What would you pay?


Haunted House, great Idea. Paying to get in horrible.

Every now and then we should get something cool and free rewards. If you have to pay to receive a reward, is it really a reward?

With that being said, I guess I'd wait for someone to pay, and tell me if it was worth it.


The price of admission would have to be well worth it and the rewards would also have to be on par with something that you would purchase.

Seeing the goofy crap they did with the Adventure district, I would love to see what they think a Haunted House should be like...LOL.

Even though the experience has been lame, I'm not counting out rewards yet until I see them all, all 20 plus.




Blog Quote;

"Hmmmmm, I think the mini-games and interactions take the cake for me, but there are tons of rewards too (over 20!). It’s hard to say which one everyone will like most, and I don’t want to spoil anything, so I’ll just let you form your own opinion. ;-)"


I haven't read much into this topic but happened to stumble upon your post. This isn't directed torwards you, directly. Because I know others have said the same kind of thing, I just like the way you worded it; short and simple. 

"Haunted House, great idea. Paying to get in, horrible."


I really feel that any type of Holiday event, we should always have something on Home to help lift the spirits. We should NEVER have to pay just to get into any public space, especially Holiday related.

(I go to x7 sometimes but that's because I have Plus and the mansion. So I enjoy what I can with it, sometimes. Other times I just am not in the mood for the music, haha.)

They should definitely be given to us, especially with after what we all give to them. I presume asking for Holiday spirited places is too much.. (Though it shouldn't be asked for at all.)

I'm not trying to sound like a hypocryte either, because I haven't been on in a few weeks so idk what all is really out there. But based off of reading quite a few posts of people asking for this I'm only assuming. And when I was on last, which again was only a few weeks ago. I haven't seen anything yet as far as Holidays went, just a few costumes.


Here's a thought, Make a themed public space that doesn't require anything but have items you can win and items you can purchase if you really want them. I just don't see why that's such a big deal, they act like they need money, making you have to purchase certain things just to enter a themed place when we all know they are making millions. YES, I know they aren't literally 'making' you do anything, for all of you smart-a##es out there..

It's just the fact that you can't enter otherwise. I don't like the thought of big companies ripping people off, I don't like to be around it but it's not going to stop me from getting on every once in a while. I apologize for the rant, just felt like I needed to voice my opinion about things like this.

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Re: Haunted House

Oct 27, 2012

Bradley_Davis129 wrote:
Yes but you have too pay 20$ too Get a gift card which you know you'll spend on some home clothes Smiley Tongue

You don't have to buy a $20 PSN card in order to 'buy' anything. There is also $10 ones, if you go to the right store. Some people use their credit/debit cards, etc etc'.


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