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Re: Has anyone gotten Home, b

May 4, 2007

What Does Linux Do wrote:

Mav1323 wrote:

What Does Linux Do wrote:
man wat i hate is i have been here for 4 damn years and im not even gap and i receive the newsletters like once every 5 days or something

I just hate the fact that I've been loyal to Sony and even convinved MANY people to trade in their other system for a PS3 and I didn't get in.  Everyone at work says Sony should pay me for everything I do for them.  It's ok though, like I said before... it was all random.  Not much you could do about that.  Hopefully I have better luck in August.

after buyingt he system i havent had any money to buy games... im gameless... u dont believe me? add me on psn and look at me just sitting there with no game...(i bought it in august), as a matter of fact, mav1323 add DaBombDiggity or tell me urs

My PSNID is Mav232.  How did you buy a PS3 in August though?

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