Oct 18 2012
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Halloween Clubs

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Hi, Everyone from PSH



I would like to know if you guys will ever do a Halloween theme club .... I'm anxious for the Halloween theme decoration on the a Public Server Wheres the Halloween Spirit? *Cheers up n motivates The people that creates stuffs for us to buy on PSH, and also I would like to know what willl happen with the people that bought the Cutterridge Estate with the Poltergist box can they get at least a discount on the new extension or have some minigames for free?....I bought the poltergist box along with the Cutterridge Estate pack long time ago and since they removed what i paid for at least i should get something in returned it wouldn't be fair to me that I payed for an object and it gets removed I don't care if it was removed but at least the people like me should get something in exchange Smiley Sad...





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