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Re: Hall of Shame - Lost Wagers at the Dolphy Races

Mar 2, 2014

StephieRawks wrote:

Kid_Fleetfoot wrote:

I admire OP D-Nitrate's thinking and one's who participate in it. Not me though. I'm thinking up strategy for racing.


I too lost all my dolphins some time back and was initally disappointed. Now I go back when I'm in the mood every few days either to race or just vote and watch.


On occasion I have purposely deleted my dolphins and either replaced them with different names or using the same name. One of these days (or months) I'm going to delete all three and rebirth them giving them all the same name.


Have fun Smiley Happy 

So much for that! D and I managed to get Kid to make a couple wagers with us this morning...


1st wager: We all picked a ring color *before* the dolphies were selected. Whoever's dolphy came in last of the 3 had to dress as a default preset avatar of the opposite gender and hit on people at The Hub, using L1 chat and R1 emote options.

Result: Kid came in last of the 3. He was somewhat confuzzled and didn't remove his hockey stick LMO, but otherwise held up his end of the bet.


2nd wager: We all picked a ring color before the dolphies were selected again. Whoever's dolphy came in last of the 3 had to wear the hot dog costume, dance and sing (type lyrics) to the Oscar Meyer Weiner Song in front of a large group at Acorn Meadows Park.

Result: D lost and performed the task brilliantly in front of a heckling fam.

(Kid is the one cheering in the hockey jersey on the top right.)


Well! All that is true but some is left out. Twas me suggesting we pick ring colors instead of Hudson dolphin names. ANd I needed my hockey stick when dressed as a girlie so I could walk up to people and say "I'm a hockey puck so pucker up and kiss me." which worked out better than even I could imagine!!! Yes indeed, make up the rules as one goes along. Smiley Wink

And D-Nirate sings quite well when the lyrics are remembered. 

So there, you've heard the rest of the story. Except a Hudson Dolphin beat all human (avatar?) dolphins in a race. It seems dolphins can make up their own rules too. Smiley Sad

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Re: Hall of Shame - Lost Wagers at the Dolphy Races

Mar 6, 2014

Yeah, I like Kid's idea of picking (not voting mind you) ring colors without knowing what dolphies would randomly be assigned to them as it makes it easy for everyone to pick different rings without having to wait for the dolphies to appear and rush to try and find a good one to pick before everyone else.


That said, it's also fun to have the challenge of trying to be first to find a good dolphy - so either way works for me.


Oh, and for those that misbehave... prepare to get spanked!



I'm looking forward to the next round of community wagers. Smiley Wink

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Re: Hall of Shame - Lost Wagers at the Dolphy Races

Mar 6, 2014
^ Um...for the record...that had NOTHING to do with a lost wager. *Someone* was being sneaky and it was over before I even knew what happened...not exactly something to brag about! Smiley Tongue

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