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Re: Hackers in Peakvox Ninja

Jun 22, 2013
I went to peakvox and I never saw these hackers.
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Re: Hackers in Peakvox Ninja

Aug 13, 2013

used to be plenty or low lifes freezing 

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Re: Hackers in Peakvox Ninja

Aug 13, 2013
Number 1! There is cheating going on in peakvox ninja and this is how you can tell!
The post is so vague it is very unclear as to what the problem is that the user has experienced!
Yet! By post number 4 the comments automatically assumed and were directed towards ppl game glitching and game cheating! Renmus__
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Re: Hackers in Peakvox Ninja
‎01-14-2013 10:46 AM

I have agree, if you. Can't even say what the issue how is it supposed to be fixed? I've had some lag issues but that's to be expected. So far I've been playing quite a bit and have yet to see and ppl using glitches , perhaps you should practice more and you will die less?

Number 2! The assumption was an automatic stereotype and accusation towards the user of this post talent in the game!

Number 3! I am no lame in the game! Yet I experienced players that were impossible for me to kill! Once again I state, I am no LAME in the game! I am not the best, but I am not a louse either!

Number 4! I have experienced noobs and even vets who demolished my team at times by a score of 10 kills to 2! The one game the ppl even got a score of 11 to 1! And many games there were scores of 10 to 3! I am not a LAME! IK how to play the game! The ppl on my team weren't lames either! Facing players that are impossible to hit, impossible to kill, and players who always rip off 3 to 5 special attacks in a round when aren't aren't scrolls available, on the board or for other users!
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Re: Hackers in Peakvox Ninja

Oct 5, 2013

to start there are  people who can specifically take more damage than normal and IGNORE certain damage like sniper and melee


2 theres people who seem to know how to glitch thier guns (sub machine gun and example) to shoot other rounds (usually missle blasts)


if you play long enough youll run into this and if you have experienced such be vocal without being disturbing

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Re: Hackers in Peakvox Ninja

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Oct 5, 2013

I've had moments in the game where I'll hit a player with the sniper rifle, hear the sound effect, but they take no damage. However, the damage number never pops up when this happens. Only when the number is displayed does it ever count. It's not people cheating, it's lag. And as far as people shooting missiles out of sub machine guns, I've also seen normal shuriken gauntlets that shoot koban coins lol. It's just the game failing to properly display the active weapon being used by the player. If you see them shooting missiles from the sub machine gun, it's likely they're actually using the hand cannon and the game didn't load the change of weapons. The same thing happens to me when I quickly switch from a long range weapon to melee, in which sometimes I'll see my avatar swing a shooting weapon like it's a sword.


I'll give another example of how laggy this game can be. Many times I have tried escaping an enemy's attack via wall run, only to see my avatar killed whilst still in the wall run animation. Then when I respawn, my avatar spawns IN the wall run. Not some random room. It acts as though the death never occurred (even though it does count in the score) and lets me continue right off from where the animation got interrupted. So yeah, hackers/cheating isn't the answer. Bad connections? You betcha.


Also, if you are encountering players who never seem to die no matter how much damage you inflict, it's possible they are using a purchased upgrade known as the Medicine Cabinet, which slowly restores health. Here's a video demonstrating how it works.


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