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Re: HOME need some input on that...

Mar 19, 2007

PSPMAN07 wrote:

Immortal Crow wrote:
I haven't been on the forums or on the site for a while... I just saw the video for HOME. Love the idea. PS3 is the future. PS3 is not a Wii or a 360... Come on think about it. The things it does now is unbelievable. THIS systems is really not for kids (i mean no disrespect). HOME is like Second Life. I'm hoping its going to be Super Better then Second Life. And finally i'll get to see how many Female gamers are out there.

On the contrary, the system is for everyone as Sony wants to target gamers of all ages.

Q: What is the target demographic of Home users?

Home is for everybody. It is a global platform and the aim is to populate it with a broad and rich content experience, the diversity of which will create a broad and diverse community of users.

and... as PSPman usuallys points out... this topic is already open in multiples of other discussions... do we need another thread on it?
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