Jun 01 2013
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HELP! Pottermore connect.

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hi all ! and sorry for my poor english :/ but i don't know what to do so asking for help here Smiley Happy ~

problem is um.. i connected once but i screw up(sorting hat problem) so i deleted that pottermore account.

then yesterday i sign up again and try to connect in home but i can't ~~Y_Y

is it can't forever? can't i never reconnect with other account?

please help me ~~ Y_Y

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Re: HELP! Pottermore connect.

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Jun 1, 2013

Did you play though at until you were sorted again? You can't simply make an account there and then try and link accounts here on Home. You have to be placed into a House at Pottermore first. 


I would suspect if you're getting the dialog box in Home when trying to link accounts that you could use your new account info in the dialog boxes. If that's not working you could try and see if Joystick_Warrior in support might be able to help.

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