Jan 02 2013
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Gz: The EDO - The mystery behind the ropes.

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The public, including myself, loves that location.!


 However, There's a mystery. That have everyone thinking.


What's behind the Green and Blue duel ropes ?_?


Alot of individuals are speculating, That maybe it's a expansion. Others feel it's just for looks. Or extra play space, like in Lockwoods - sodium one location. ( i love all sci-fi style locations )


Now, no one can tell you, or Playstation Home employees what to do, However, Having more play areas is what everybody likes and appreciate.


For example: The Green tribe area, The Red Tribe house, and The Blue tribe store and house. That's what keeps the fun, fun.!


 Adding more of these, Types of playable houses to Edo, especially behind the Green and Blue ropes, will be exciting.!


So, Do anyone know if the ropes will be removed ?_?


And if so, Will the EDO town-ship, Have more houses / areas to play in ?_?  like the Red, Green, and Blue tribes area of EDO.



Personal Statement: Like the clean and smoothness of the EDO. + The soundtracks.! Sell us a radio of The Edo music.



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Re: Gz: The EDO - The mystery behind the ropes.

Jan 2, 2013
I don't know about the ropes, but I'd love to ride on the gondolas.
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Re: Gz: The EDO - The mystery behind the ropes.

Jan 2, 2013

the "ropes" are just boundries to prevent us from going farther than we are allowed. i doubt they will be removed unless they decide to expand the Edo space in those directions.

however there are already areas set up in the space for expansion, theres 2 "under construction" areas in the space.

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