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Re: [Guide] Japan Home Menu Translations

Oct 29, 2012

Rozzz___ wrote:

I need a Japan tourist guide so badly. I was playing the making food game but I kept getting kicked off when the timer went off. We couldn't figure out what to make or order. I wanted to cry but we just wound up laughing. Then we went to peavox and we got into this game that has a 2 hour timer. Was I supposed wait 2 hours? I mixed 2 things but I don't even know where I got them from and on this other peavox game I won a mask, big head, and a hat. Is there anything else to win? How do you play? I heard that people were winning companions but I don't see how? Can I get a translater guide?

The food game is basically a memory matching thing.  Try to remember what the text is for the item and match it when its time to,  I usually just paid attention to the last 3 letters.  Peakvox is full of rewards and Lproject(the mixing thing) has the companions.  Certain things mix instantly and certain things take time to mix, hence the timer on certain combos.  You get more Lproject ingredients from the glowing "!" that pop up from time to time throughout the space.  Theres a new crane catcher thing that just gives you new stuff each day when you click it.  Ttheres also some neat rewards from the Halloween game, just keep playing it until you get the tombstone display, I dont think theres anything after that.


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Re: [Guide] Japan Home Menu Translations

Oct 29, 2012
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