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Re: Granzella, please lower your prices!!!

Apr 18, 2013

Are you kidding me. What's the difference in buying this over-priced crap $1.99 this week and a $1.99 next week Granzella still gets the $4 in the end.  I say leave this over-priced crap sitting there and zero dollars sends a huge message. I'm all for the devs getting paid but they are getting ridiculous with this virtual stuff.  If home closes tomorrow some people would have wasted hundreds of dollars on stuff thats not even real. How will you be compensated. Hell back in the day when this stuff was .25 cents we had second thoughts because it was virtual but the price was low enough that it justified inhanced game play. Now it has just become ridiculous and the Devs know it, but hey, if they can get away with it why not.....

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Re: Granzella, please lower your prices!!!

Apr 18, 2013

ladybug17 wrote:

I was super excited to see the new Granzella dresses for today, so happy they were released here. I desperately was hoping the items would be seperates so I could buy more than one and mix and match. What attracted me was the fact the top parts of the dresses could also be used as a tank top, so I was thrilled and ready to buy several. So I logged on to Home, saw them under the new tab, and then prepared myself for the pricing. I thought maybe .99 per piece.


Boy, was I wrong!!!


TRY $1.99 per piece!!! PER PIECE! So a whole dress is $4?!! I was stunned. Well, maybe for about one second.


I know Granzella is expensive, but lately it seemed they were being more lenient with hair being sold seperately and such. The previous bundles of clothing always seemed outrageously high, although it wouldn't be as bad if each item was sold seperately. I would have bought extra pieces from other bundles, honestly. But to finally see things as seperates, with those prices... made me almost wish for bundle pricing on them to save a little money!


I didn't know what to do. I tried all the new pieces on, and loved pretty much all of them. I would have bought them all probably, had they been .99, or like 2.99 dress bundle or something... but sadly I couldn't force myself to buy any. It was just too expensive!!!


PLEASE lower your prices, guys!!! You'd sell more if they were all less because people would buy more than one!!!





I agree.


I've been looking forward to getting these dresses ever since they were released in Japan Home, but wow... $1.99 per piece is just silly. I planned on buying both styles in various colors, but yikes! I'm not paying THAT much for an outfit. Smiley Mad


They really need to check their priciing with future content.

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Re: Granzella, please lower your prices!!!

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Apr 18, 2013

TSUNADE1224 wrote:

Joanna_Dark_ wrote:

MissMajor wrote:
I am having second thoughts on these as well. I want a few things from this release, but 1.99 is making me hold back especially since I want upwards of about 5-6 items. I love Granzella for their quality and fashion in Home clothing. I would say lower the items to .99, 1.29, or 1.49 though.

I find the difference in separate prices to be so out of wack compared to their bundles which are excellent values if you like the content. I think .99 or 1.49 is about where separates should be. If a 7 piece bundle can sell for 2.49 I would think separate prices in that range would be reasonable. 


I've yet to puchase content from them this week other than the two hairstyles. 

I'll tell you where GZ failed, they failed by releasing these items so late in the game.  Had these items been released when they first came out in Neon Downtown Japan NO ONE would have complained since this was the pricing of GZ items back then.  I remember making a thread titled "GRANZELLA: GREEDZELLA OR GOODZELLA? For which I took a lot of criticism due to the popularity of Granzella on Home, for speaking up about over priced items GZ had at the time. 


Since then Granzella has improved their pricing and continues to offer really well priced bundles, as well as, awesome events, updates to the Hideway and offered limited time special pricing on the City of Flowers space.  So if today you was to ask me the same question I once asked myself GOODZELLA or GREEDZELLA? I would definitely have to say GOODZELLA Heart  Now I'm a GZ cheerleader LOL



My lastest GZ buy very happy with the cheerleader outfit (not available in NA yet) hopefully it will come to us next update. 

Oh I love their stuff but I will say buying for two avatars does restrain me from spending on what I consider to be overpriced items. Smiley Happy

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Re: Granzella, please lower your prices!!!

Apr 19, 2013

I would have much rather them bundle items then do them seperately because when they seperate it's almost always going to be 1.99 per item. That being said Granzella is probably my favorite devolper when it comes to clothing.

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Re: Granzella, please lower your prices!!!

Apr 19, 2013
a dress for $4? Seen worst. Ndreams street moves hip hop hero cost $5 and only has 1 animation and you can only get that unique animation by buying that one.
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