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Re: Granzella - The Kikai Machine Empire Best Way To Grind / Get Points And Rank Up

Aug 15, 2013

Grinding is part of any game. Finding ways to maximize points be it RE5, Tomb Raider or Kikai among others is all part of the trophy hunting game. Sure it helps to know people who can give you tips. It's certainly harder to do it without them.

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Re: Granzella - The Kikai Machine Empire Best Way To Grind / Get Points And Rank Up

Aug 17, 2013
McJorneil, I love you!!! Thanks for that detailed strategy. I'll be trying it out.

I honestly don't care about rank, I want the rewards. The reason everybody's trying to find the best way to make points is (we all know it) those servers are coming down. Since it's a matter of when, everybody's "grinding" as much as they can.
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Re: Granzella - The Kikai Machine Empire Best Way To Grind / Get Points And Rank Up

Aug 17, 2013

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I think it's kind of unfair that those who KNOW or have a good strategy don't share it with other people who're looking for advice. If you reached your goal on the leaderboards, why not help out someone who's simply asking? I'm just saying.


Anyway, I dug up this thread cuz I didn't feel like making another one when this one perfectly describes what I was going to ask anyway. Getting back on topic, what are the best strategies on racking up points? What combinations or armor or battlesuit works best? Which weapons work best? I already know about the old soda machines and those are awesome. But obviously that's only for a limited time and only once every 24 hours. If I had a better strategy than what I have now, I'd happily share it. The onl thing I'm doing is UFO Front over and over and over and over, with little results. I'm barely ranked 271 right now and I'm sure I might be lower since there's people constantly BATTLING.


I don't understand why people call it "grinding". Lol

Well for starters: Smiley Happy


The best weapon to use for grinding is the beam katana. What you want to do is hold square down for a full charge attack and kill enemies with it. You'll make more points this way than by just hacking and slashing your way through them. Armor doesn't matter. The best place to grind would be the Government Office level, but you're probably going to find it to be a very laggy, unstable mess compared to when the event was still taking place.


What this means is the method of grinding that worked here prior to the event's end will no longer work as well as it used to. Unless you can somehow get an empty and more stable instance. Anyway, when you're there you'll probably see a bunch of people running up and down the stairs killing the four gunners over and over with a fully charged beam sword. You don't want to do this. It's simply a waste of time.


Instead, you should work your way to the section where all the bombs are located and take them out with a full charge when they're grouped together. Do this all the way til you reach the semi-truck by the overturned burning car, then run all the way back through the gate to the safe spot and go back out again to respawn the bombs. If you're in an instance with several people, you may find that the countdown clock glitches and starts counting down from 3 minutes, as if the boss (big purple thing shooting missiles) has been killed (this didn't happen during the event when you could play alone). If this happens, simply make your way to the pillar of light. Once your score is displayed on the screen, press start and exit the game so that you can begin all over again without having to leave and reload the space.


If the countdown clock doesn't glitch, then just grind on the bombs for around 18 minutes, kill the boss, and go to the pillar of light. If it does, you'll still be gaining points faster by going through the level multiple times and killing the bombs than you would grinding at the stairs. Remember, you need to only be using a fully charged beam attack (it's better if you use level 1 or 2 sword as the level 3 energy wave will just mess things up) to get the maximum points. Also want to note that as other players come through this section they may drag the bombs toward them or even set them off, which is another reason why you'll probably just have to do quick runs through the level. You should see a big difference though by doing this.


One last tip: the more times you have cleared the game the better. Each time you clear the game entirely, you will find additional enemies appearing in the levels. This means more points for you. When I was grinding, I had three clears and was only making around 45,000 points without a boost drink. After my 4th clear, I was getting around 75,000 points and the highest I ever reached was just over 170,000 points in 20 minutes with a boost drink. Yeah you read that right, 170k in 20 minutes! And it's possible to make even more than that, but I imagine you'll need to have cleared the game at least 10 times if the leaderboard is any indication.


Anyway, I may have upset a few people by posting this information. The way I see things though, if you're willing to put in the time and effort it takes to grind for the points, then you have earned the rewards. Regardless of the fact the event officially ended. Smiley Wink

This would have been helpful when the event first started, now your just giving tips to people who are still grinding at servers that were supposed to get shut down a week ago  LOL

Agreed.....This definitely would have been helpful after I cleared the 1st time and after I cleared for the quests. Maybe next year

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