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Re: Granzella Store (This Wednesday)

Feb 2, 2013

XemnessHD wrote:



Store Troubleshoot:


Many users have purchased contents and items from Granzella Store this week,

after 10-60mins from the Maintenance completion.


If you realise this week (2.1.12)'s Update, all your purchases from Granzella are not shipped to your Wardrobe.

Reason is, Granzella Staffs have been re-identifying and editing the Clothes's code and Price value.


Here are the Reports reaching Sony Lately & From Friends:




I spent $5.99 on Gang Leader Bundle (Red Color) and its not in my Wardrobe WTH!!

PSN HELP ME.... :'(



guys help me plz... I got stuck at the Granzella store, then my $18 are all gone after i bought the Sword, and its not in my WD.. :/



sweet jessus! where is my ITEMS that I bought???? o.O'



Vewwy Bad GWANZELLA  o.o




the issue wasn't solved, yet. As you see GRANZELLA in PlayStation®Home is still (at the moment) being fixed. Many users have suffered this issue, and many have lost their pennies and dime. Would they retrieve their MoneyBack as REFUNDED? Or will this issue resolve fast and their clothes are all served?


Stanly Hutson (Staff at Granzella),

says "We are terribly worried about people's choice of not picking us again. We are on the way to serve FREE CLOTHING for everyone and to resolve the bugg on the loose."


Worry not,

If you did buy, there's gonna be an option soon.



by XemnessHD





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Free clothing?! Hmm...I like that Smiley Very Happy

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