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Granzella Fossil Collection and Guide

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With Granzella pushing content to us at quite a nice rate, and with the transfer to these new Forums, I thought it would be nice to set out a guide and collection of the various fossils and dinosaur bones that are out there to be found.


Before starting the guide, I think its worth mentioning that collecting these fossils should be considered a project. With 175 fossils to find, this will not be completed in several days, and will more than likely take weeks, possibly even months. There will be times when no new fossils will be found, especially when looking for those last few elusive fossils which could be hidden withen 175 different possibilities. So enjoy the journey, take your time, as the final result will be up with some of the best collections you could find in a personal space.


I have separated the sections into different parts, which will be found on the first 5 posts on this thread, each post representing each Part.. The contents of each Part is as follows:


PART 1: The Fossil Collection: Includes all display case fossils from Waves 1, 2 and 3.


PART 2: The Dinosaur Collection: Includes the full Dinosaur range from Waves 2 and 3.


PART 3: Reserved for future use.


PART 4: An Archeologist Guide: Includes all digging sites, tools & charms, plus guide, tips & credits.


PART 5: Reserved for future use.


I will try to keep this updated as new waves are released, but please note the updates will be for NA only. JP and EU maybe at different stages of progression to us, so this will be kept to NA only, so anyone reading this knows that was is shown can be found by us. The only exception to this is the third digging site which will be shown as a preview further down the guide.


I will try to include full photo's of the various fossils, but where partial ones are shown they will be updated as others are found.




PART 1: The Fossil Collection


Hidden within the rocks of the island are many types of fossils and dinosaur bones, all waiting to be found by us for our collections. But hidden with these fossils, is also some junk, left behind by a dirty and careless civilization long since left. Unfortunately you will find a lot of this, but if you persevere you will be rewarded. So first up, and to get it out of the way, is a list of the trash left behind by the previous inhabitants.






Items above include:


A Large Stone - exceedingly normal, very common.

A Normal Stone - no matter how you look at it, its still normal.

A Small Stone - a small stone, sometimes mistaken for a pebble, but still common.

A Broken Tree Branch - possibly used as a catapult, but nothing special.

A Torn Scrap of Tire - not a 55 million year old tire.

A Rusted Empty Can - believed to be diet, but dont try drinking the dregs to find out.


With the junk items out of the way, the rest is a list of the treasures currently available for us to find.




The following are a list of fossils released from Wave 1, the number in brackets after the descriptor is their rarity value.




Fossils Leaves.jpg


1.     Group of Calamite Leaves  (1+)

2.     Poplar Leaf  (1)

3.     Maple Leaf  (1)

4.     Ginko Leaf  (1)

5.     Group of Wisteria Fern Leaves  (1+)

6.     Wisteria Fern Leaf  (1)

7.     Group of Ginko Leaves  (1+)

8.     Horsetail Leaf  (1)

9.     Quillworts Leaf  (1)

10.   Oak Leaf  (1)

11.   Archaefructus Leaf  (1)

12.   Group of Archaefructus  (1+)

13.   Group of Maple Leaves  (1+)

14.   Group of Poplar Leaves  (1+)

15.   Calamites Leaf  (1)




Fossils Ammonites.jpg


1.     Ammonite Parent and Child  (3-)

2.     Well Preserved Ammonite  (2+)

3.     Ammonite  (2)

4.     Ammonite Fragment I  (2-)

5.     Ammonite Fragment II  (2-)




Fossils Trilobites.jpg


1.     Trilobite  (2)

2.     Well Preserved Trilobite  (2+)

3.     Group of Trilobites  (3-)

4.     Trilobite Head  (2-)

5.     Trilobite Body  (2-)




Fossils Rhamphorhynchus.jpg



1.     Rhamphorhynchus Fragment III  (3)

2.     Rhamphorhynchus Fragment IV  (3)

3.     Rhamphorhynchus Fragment I  (3)

4.     Rhamphorhynchus Fragment II  (3)


The above collections show all released fossils for Wave 1.




The following are a list of fossils released in Wave 2. The number in brackets show their rarity value.




Fossils Coral.jpg


1.     Square Coral White  (2)

2.     Honeycomb Coral  (2)

3.     Partial Chain Coral Rock  (1+)

4.     Square Coral Black  (2)

5.     Small Square Coral White Shard  (1+)

6.     Large Square Coral White Shard  (2-)

7.     Small Honeycomb Coral Shard  (1+)

8.     Large Honeycomb Coral Shard  (2-)

9.     Chain Coral  (2)

10.   Half Chain Coral Rock  (2-)




Fossils Footprints.jpg


1.     Footprint of Carnivorous Dinosaur  (3-)

2.     Footprint of Herbivorous Ornithopod Dinosaur  (3-)

3.     Primate Footprint  (2-)

4.     Bird Claw Print  (1)

5.     Footprint of Large Animal  (2-)

6.     Footprint of Herbivorous Ankylosaur Dinosaur  (3-)




This is the first of our dinosaur bones released, they havent been tagged as fairly self explanatory. For all dino bones I will also try to include what size clods the bones came in.


Dino Mammoth.jpg


The number in the brackets indicates the rarity, the letters in the second set of brackets show what size clod they were found in.


1.     Mammoth Tusks  (5) (XL)

2.     Mammoth Head  (4)  (L)

3.     Mammoth Front Legs  (4) (XL)

4.     Mammoth Chest  (4) (XL)

5.     Mammoth Abdomen  (4) (L)

6.     Mammoth Rear Legs  (4) (XL)

7.     Mammoth Tail  (3) (L)


This completes the fossils for Wave 2, incomplete pictures will be updated as I find the fossils.




The following are a list of display fossils released in NA for Wave 3. The first number in brackets show their rarity value, the second letter in brackets shows the clod size they came in.




Fossils Ancient Dragonfly.jpg


1.     Ancient Dragonfly Fragment III  (3-) (M)

2.     Ancient Dragonfly Fragment IV  (3-) (M)

3.     Ancient Dragonfly Fragment II  (3-) (M)

4.     Ancient Dragonfly Fragment I  (3-) (M)




Fossils Amomalocaris.jpg


1.     Anomalocaris Fragment I  (3) (L)

2.     Anomalocaris Fragment II (3) (L)

3.     Anomalocaris Fragment III (3) (L)

4.     Anomalocaris Fragment IV  (3) (L)




Fossils Fish.jpg


1.     Vinctifer Fragment II  (2) (M)

2.     Vinctifer Fragment I  (2) (M)

3.     Knightia  (2-) (S)

4.     Mioplosus Fragment II  (2) (M)

5.     Mioplosus Fragment I  (2) (M)

6.     Carycinacanthus  (2-) (S)

7.     Cheiracanthus  (2-) (S)

8.     Cephalaspis  (2-) (S)

9.     Coelacathiforms Fragment I  (2) (M)

10.   Coelacathiforms Fragment II  (2) (M)

11.   Elopiformes Fragment II  (2) (M)

12.   Elopiformes Fragment I  (2) (M)

13.   School of Fish  (1) (S)

14.   Bothriolepis Fragment I  (2) (M)

15.   Bothriolepis Fragment II  (2) (M)




Fossils Insects.jpg


1.     Cricket  (1+) (S)

2.     Wasp  (1+) (S)

3.     Dragonfly  (1+) (S)

4.     Cockroach  (1+) (S)

5.     Cicada  (1+) (S)

6.     Scorpion Fragment I  (2+) (M)

7.     Scorpion Fragment II  (2+) (M)

8.     Scorpion Fragment III  (2+ (M)

9.     Scorpion Fragment IV  (2+) (M)

10.   Mayfly Fragment III  (2) (M)

11.   Mayfly Fragment I  (2) (M)

12.   Mayfly Fragment II  (2) (M)

13.   Spider Large  (2-) (M)

14.   Bee  (1+) (S)

15.   Spider Small  (1+) (S)




Fossils Japanese Salamander.jpg


1.     Giant Salamander Fragment I  (3-) (M)

2.     Giant Salamander Fragment II  (3-) (M)

3.     Giant Salamander Fragment III  (3-) (M)

4.     Giant Salamander Fragment IV  (3-) (M)




Fossils Shellfish.jpg


1.     Swiftopecten Swiftii  (2+) (M)

2.     Dosinia Japonica  (2+) (M)

3.     Gervillella Sublanceolata  (3-) (M)

4.     Calyptogena Soyoae  (2+) (M)

5.     Vicarya Callosa Japonica  (2+) (M)

6.     Profulvia Harrimani  (3-) (M)

7.     Zeuxis Mitrailis  (3-) (M)

8.     Turritella Fortilirata  (2+) (M)

9.     Cyrenidae  (2) (M)

10.   Tusk Shell  (3-) (M)




Fossils Starfish.jpg


1.     Small Starfish Yellow  (1) (S)

2.     Small Brittle Star  (1) (S)

3.     Starfish Yellow  (1+) (S)

4.     Brittle Star Blue  (1+) (S)

5.     Starfish Red  (1+) (S)

6.     Starfish Yellow Fragment II  (2-) (S)

7.     Starfish Yellow Fragment I  (2-) (S)

8.     Brittle Star Blue Fragment II  (2-) (S)

9.     Brittle Star Blue Fragment I  (2-) (S)

10.   Starfish Red Fragment I  (2-) (S)

11.   Starfish Red Fragment II  (2-) (S)

12.   Group of Starfish Yellow with Small Fish Fragment I  (2+) (M)

13.   Group of Starfish Yellow with Small Fish Fragment II  (2+) (M)

14.   Group of Brittle Stars Grey with Small Fish Fragment I  (2+) (M)

15.   Group of Brittle Stars Grey with Small Fish Fragment II  (2+) (M)

16.   Big Starfish Yellow with Spiral Shell  (2) (M)

17.   Big Brittle Star Grey with Spiral Shell  (2) (M)


This completes the list for all Display Fossils for Wave 3. I will update pictures every so often so they include the fossils I find, and will fill in the gaps for the Shellfish as I find out the information.


Please see below for further information and guides regarding tools, dig sites, appraisers etc.

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Re: Granzella Fossil Collection and Guide

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Sep 23, 2012

Part 2: The Dinosaur Collection


Wave 3 saw the much anticipated Dinosaur Collection arrive in Home, also providing us with our major exhibits to display in our Museums. The Wooly Mammoth arrived in Wave 2 to give us a taste of what to expect, but to keep the full dinosaur collection together I have included it in this section of the Guide. All other dinosaurs are from Wave 3.

WOOLY MAMMOTH (from Wave 2)

This is the first of our dinosaur bones that were released, they havent been tagged as fairly self explanatory. For all dino bones I will also try to include what size clods the bones came in.


The number in the brackets indicates the rarity, the letters in the second set of brackets show what size clod they were found in.


Dino Mammoth2.jpg


1.     Mammoth Tusks  (5) (XL)

2.     Mammoth Head  (4)  (L)

3.     Mammoth Front Legs  (4) (XL)

4.     Mammoth Chest  (4) (XL)

5.     Mammoth Abdomen  (4) (L)

6.     Mammoth Rear Legs  (4) (XL)

7.     Mammoth Tail  (3) (L)





Dino Brachiosaurus.jpg


1.     Head  (5) (L)

2.     Upper Vertebrae  (4) (XL)

3.     Lower Vertebrae  (5) (XL)

4.     Front Legs  (4) (XL)

5.     Abdomen  (4) (XL)

6.     Pelvic Region  (4) (XL)

7.     Hind Legs  (3) (XL)

8.     Tail Base  (4) (XL)

9.     Tail Tip  (3) (XL)





Dino Irish Elk.jpg


1.     Head  (4) (L)

2.     Right Antler  (4) (L)

3.     Left Antler  (4) (L)

4.     Neck Abdomen  (3) (L)

5.     Front Legs  (3) (L)

6.     Hind Legs  (3) (L)

7.     Tail  (3) (M)





Dino Pteranodon.jpg


1.     Head  (5) (XL)

2.     Body  (3) (L)

3.     Right Wing  (4) (XL)

4.     Left Wing  (4) (XL)

5.     Hind Legs  (3) (L)





Dino Stegosaurus.jpg


1.     Head  (5) (XL)

2.     Front Legs  (4) (XL)

3.     Chest  (4) (XL)

4.     Abdomen  (4) (XL)

5.     Hind Legs  (4) (XL)

6.     Pelvic Region  (4) (XL)

7.     Tail Base  (4) (XL)

8.     Tail Tip  (4) (XL)





Dino Triceratops.jpg


1.     Head  (5) (XL)

2.     Front Legs  (4) (XL)

3.     Chest  (4) (XL)

4.     Abdomen  (4) (XL)

5.     Right Hind Leg  (4) (XL)

6.     Left Hind Leg  (4) (XL)

7.     Tail  (4) (XL)





Dino Tyrannosaurus.jpg


1.     Head  (5) (XL)

2.     Neck, Front Legs  (4) (XL)

3.     Abdomen  (4) (XL)

4.     Pelvic Region  (4) (XL)

5.     Right Hind Leg  (4) (XL)

6.     Left Hind Leg  (4) (XL)

7.     Tail  (4) (XL)





Dino Velociraptor.jpg


1.     Head  (4) (L)

2.     Neck, Abdomen  (3) (L)

3.     Front Legs  (3) (L)

4.     Pelvic Region, Hind Legs  (3) (L)

5.     Tail  (3) (M)



This concludes the Dinosaur Collection for the Guide.


I would like to give special thanks to Strider367 for inviting me to his completed museum in Japan so I could photograph the Dinosaur range, and also to ANNE_ASSASSIN from the EU for inviting me over to identify each set of bones and their associated descriptors. Without their help I would not have been able to produce this guide.

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Re: Granzella Fossil Collection and Guide

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Jul 20, 2012




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Re: Granzella Fossil Collection and Guide

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Sep 24, 2012

PART 4: An Archeologist Guide


Above posts shows us what fossils can be found, but whats the best way of getting them?

Some of us have different levels of tools, or access to the dig sites.

The following shows us the dig sites, tools, appraisers and some tips.




There are three sites to dig in, although only two available to us at this time, site 3 is for preview only.




Dig Site 1.jpg


Dig Site 1 is a public access site open to everyone. There are no restrictions to this site.




Dig Site 2.jpg


Dig Site 2 is private access and located in the 'secret garden'. To gain access requires owning the Granzella Hideaway Apartment, which allows you to enter the garden via the decking from the apartment, or by climbing the ladder on the side of the wooden public store.


Non owners can get access by invitation from a friend, but will need to jump to them from outside of the space, with them standing in the secret garden.




This 3rd dig site is due for release in NA sometime in August 2012, it is a pay-per-dig site, and can be found through the tunnel and on the outside of the island.


Dig Site 3.jpg


To gain access to this site you will need to purchase GZ tickets which are sold at the store, which will then allow you to dig 3 times per day at the site, at the cost of one ticket per dig.


Once you have purchased your tickets, talk to the unhappy young girl at the gate who will take your ticket from you and allow you to pass though the gate pictured below.


Dig Site 3a.jpg


Head on up the stairs where you will see the traditional 4 platforms your used to with the other two sites. Once inside, digging for the fossils is no different than on the other two sites, however, once you have finished digging you will automatically be transported just outside the gate, unless of course you try for one fossil too many in which case you will suffer a watery demise!


One word of warning, at the top of the platform is a guy sat in a chair, he is the greedy father of the young girl at the gate, and if you chat to him he will quite happily take the ticket off of you, and send you back outside without doing the dig, and you will lose your ticket. If you do talk to him, you will have one chance to keep your ticket and continue with your dig, so be careful to select the right choice. A picture of the father is shown below.


Dig Site 3b.jpg




With the sites shown above, the next step is digging for the fossils.


Three different levels of tools are available, one set free, the other two are paid for items. The basic free items will be awarded to you on your first dig, unless you have already bought upgraded tools, in which case these will be used instead.




Tools Basic.jpg


This is a list of the basic tools above, the numbers in brackets refer to their digging and balance value.


        Item  (Diggable / Balance)

1.     Well Used Pickaxe  (1 / 3)

2.     Well Used Hammer and Stake  (1+ / 4)

3.     Well Used Shovel  (3 / 2)

4.     Well Used Jackhammer  (5 / 1-)

5.     Well Used Brush  (1- / 5)




Tools High Class.jpg


Here is a list of the High Class Tools, again, the number in brackets denotes diggablity and balance.


        Item  (Diggable / Balance)

1.     High Class Pickaxe  (3 / 4)

2.     High Class Hammer and Stake  (2 / 5)

3.     High Class Shovel  (4 / 3)

4.     High Class Rock Drill  (5+ / 2)

5.     High Class Brush  (1+ / 6)




Tools Legendary.jpg


And finally the Legendary Tools. These are the best tools available, and no upgraded tools are expected that will be better than these. If you have not yet bought tools and are considering buying some, these are the ones to buy. There is no advantage buying the High Class Tools if you are going to buy these, so you can save some money by only purchasing these. The Legendary Tools have an added bonus of effecting your chances of finding the more rare fossils.


The following is a list of the Legendary Tools, the numbers in brackets represent diggability, balance and effect on rarity.


        Item (Digable / Balance / Effect on Rarity)

1.     Pickaxe Found in Ancient Ruins  (3+ / 4 / 1)

2.     Hammer & Stake from Lost Technology  (2+ / 5 / 1)

3.     Shovel of the Gods  (4 / 3 / 1)

4.     Rock Drill from Advanced Civilization  (6 / 2 / 1)

5.     Ancient Legendary Brush  (2 / 6 / 1)




Depending on which tools you use to dig, depends on how many fossils you can find in one dig.


If using BASIC TOOLS, you should quit after finding 1 fossil, if you continue the rope will break and you will lose the fossil that you found.


If using HIGH CLASS TOOLS, you can dig successfully for a second fossil.

The following combo works to get 2 fossils.


CLOD 1 - Pickaxe, Pickaxe, Shovel

CLOD 2 - Shovel, Shovel, Pickaxe


After getting your second fossil you must quit, or the rope will break and you will fall and lose all your fossils.


If using LEGENDARY TOOLS, you can successfully dig for 3 fossils.

The following combos are successful and will help you get 3 fossils.


COMBO1 (courtesy of ck2875)


CLOD 1 - Pickaxe, Pickaxe, Hammer, Hammer

CLOD 2 - Jackhammer, Brush, Brush

CLOD 3 - Pickaxe, Pickaxe, Hammer, Brush, Brush


COMBO2 (courtesy of strider367)


CLOD 1 - Pickaxe, Hammer, Shovel

CLOD 2 - Jackhammer, Hammer

CLOD 3 - Pickaxe, Hammer, Shovel


If you dont wish to buy all the legendary tools, it is possible to still get 3 fossils per dig with just two different tools, just follow the following combo. NB by only purchasing 2 of the tools you will miss out on the rarity bonus from owning the other tools.


COMBO3 (courtesy of SirNinjaBoy)


CLOD 1 - Pickaxe, Pickaxe, Hammer, Hammer

CLOD 2 - Pickaxe, Pickaxe, Hammer, Hammer

CLOD 3 - Pickaxe, Pickaxe, Hammer, Hammer


Regardless of the level of tools you have, you will be successfully if you follow the above guides. Failure to do so and you could fall from the platform, break all your fossils and rather unceremoniously by dumped upside down buried up to your waist with your legs pointing in the air:






To help you find the more rare fossils are a series of 3 charms:




These charms will add 1 to your effect on rarity value, and these are accumulative. They will also add this value to each of the Legendary Tools you have, so will hopefully help you find those rare dinosaur bones, rather than continually finding leaves etc.




Once you have found your clods of dirt, you need to get them appraised to see what it is you have found. There are two appraisers than will clean up your clods of dirt and identify your fossils for you, a suspicious guy, and a mysterious beauty:


Appraiser Guy.jpg


Appraiser Girl.jpg


The girl appears on the 7th, 17th and 27th of the month, all other dates it will be the guy.


What are the differences between the two, is one better than the other?


When you have uncovered a clod of dirt, what that fossil is, is already cast in stone. It will not change. If you hold on to that clod for a new wave of fossils, it will still be the same, as what fossil it is was determined the moment you extracted it from the rock. Therefore, the appraised fossil will be the same whether you take it to the girl or the guy.


However, on occasions, a second fossil can be found in the same clod of dirt. If a second fossil is found, it will give you a new fossil that you have not yet found. For this scenario, the girl is (naturally) more generous than the guy. The guy may find two fossils in one, but there is a greater chance if you leave your clods of dirt to the girl to appraise.


SMALL TIP - If like me your too impatient to wait all the way until the 7th, 17th or 27th of the month and want to know what your fossils are now, I read the initial assessment of the clod of dirt, and if it says 'dont get your hopes up', I will save them for the girl to appraise. Even though it will be junk, I have several times been given a second fossil and found a good fossil with that old tire. Many of my rare fossils have been given to me by the guy so I personally am happy to use him for most of the time.


This pretty much ends the guide for now. Everything I have written is to the best of my knowledge, so apologize now if you find any errors in it. I will try to keep this updates, along with the new waves as they arrive, so hopefully will be a useful guide to both new and old archaeologists alike.


Thankyou for reading Woman Happy


Credits to:


CMCSAVAGE,  strider367, ck2875, SirNinjaBoy

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Re: Granzella Fossil Collection and Guide

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Sep 27, 2012

PART 5: Granzella and Homes Top Explorers


Deleted, to be replaced with something else at a later date.

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Re: Granzella Fossil Collection and Guide

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Jul 7, 2012

So awesome Mermaid. I just got mammoth front legs. I'll post a pic soon. I'm sooooo happy.


Edit: added pics.





Item 6 for the Mammoth list you've set up I have listed as Fossil Abdomen. 

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Re: Granzella Fossil Collection and Guide

Jul 7, 2012

Nice job Mermaid! I was was going to update the Tome that I started originally, but you saved me the trouble...LOL.

Feel free to use this pic. I can send it to you XMB if you wantSmiley LOL

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Re: Granzella Fossil Collection and Guide

Jul 7, 2012
Great job Kelly, this is really going to be helpful to everyone. ☺
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Re: Granzella Fossil Collection and Guide

Jul 7, 2012

Those rocks you have in your first picture captioned junk items. Are not junk they have there own showcase. The rest branch, tire, rusted can are the only  items that are not displayed in the museum... | Home Item Database

Schlachlen-Haus fünf ................................

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Re: Granzella Fossil Collection and Guide

Jul 7, 2012
Thank you so very much for this information! I know it must have taken a great deal of effort to compose!! I am happy to learn that I can invite my friends to the not so secret garden!! Thank you again for this wonderful thread! Kudos.
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