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Re: Giving the forums a physical presence in Home.

Oct 27, 2009

Versace_Raver wrote:


Turn the ever so bland Gamer's Lounge, into a forum space. An internet cafe if you will. We already know that there are 2 places to access an "In Home" web browser. The uncharted 2 space, and the alumni hub. Why not put some internet terminals and some music. People will be curious, go to the space, and give the forums more traffic.


Just a suggestion. What do you guys think?

A truly inspired idea.  A direct link to the forums in Home.  Simple and at the same time, brilliant.

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Re: Giving the forums a physical presence in Home.

Oct 27, 2009

CydoniaX stated a long time ago (so long ago that I am not going to look it up) that the memory capacity (or something like that) of the Gamer's Lounge will not support some of the suggestions posted in this thread. I suggest that someone write to her asking for specifics and permission to post her reply. Or look for her post.


And as I stated earlier, the Gamer's Lounge does have regulars who hangout there who would prefer not to have the space changed as they like being there to socialize away from the gaming enviorment. All they want to do is to sit (or stand) chatting without having to deal with people wanting to play games then and there. For them, this is a public social club. I personally think that they deserve the space more than I do because they are the ones who go there every single day and night. Me, I just visit there occassionally while making my rounds.

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