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Re: Gaming Tables

Jun 9, 2013

Darcness wrote:

lol, this must not be the right balance then, I easily turned my 300 starting coins into 6k+ with no additional purchase.

Thats awesome!! The enjoyment is what in the end justifies the purchase.  Good luck, hope you make another 6k Smiley Happy

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Re: Gaming Tables

Jun 14, 2013
If you own the fitness equipment for your own personal space, can visitors also get credit on your machines for working out?
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Re: Gaming Tables

Jun 15, 2013

I plan to get the day at the races game, once I get money again, it looks like real fun, I will pribably get it on my second account for the club I have there, I have a lot of arcade games in my first club house

Thanks Asuka424 for the Signature
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