Jan 25 2014
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Game Public Spaces ?

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Can Someone  Help me  on this  topic  why dont  sony  bring back  the  gaming  public  spaces like they had in the day.  i heard they had somcom  and  killzone.  why did  those places  get removed  and why cant they bring  more  public  spaces  related to  games Like Cod Battlefield, Borderlands 2 public space  etc.   i think  home needs more public  spaces like this.  Anyone agree ???  also  what  public space related to games  did u like in the Past

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Re: Game Public Spaces ?

Jan 25, 2014

Game spaces owned by 3rd party developers were on a contract to be in Home a certain amount of time. Basically renting space from Sony to show their product (Game space) and when the contract time ran out the space was shelved. Developers call to keep a space in Home. Not Sony's really.


More involved but that's it basically.

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