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Re: Game Launching in Home

Jan 7, 2009

Highlander992k wrote:

Plstcsldgr wrote:
Amen! make it work. there are like 5-10 game that say they support Home on their boxes and NOTHING. Do something about this. Home is a sinking ship with out its KEY FEATURE. what good is a service meant to meet gamers IF YOU CANT LAUNCH INTO THAT GAME?


Yeah I noticed that. I think that Game Launching really is part of what can make Home a 'killer app'. OK Home is a Beta,  but apart from testing the basics of the platform, voice/text chat, load testing server and the whole micro-transaction thing,  Game Launching appears to me to be the next most important core feature of Hom. As you say,  there are games that claim to support it. So let's launch games already! Even if a game doesn't support game launch directly into an online game lobby or session,  can we at least have tha ability to start our games from within Home,  and then when we quit, return to Home after the game.


I understand that we need patience and that we're in the Open Beta stage. So things will take time, and not everything will work right, and we're still adding features. Great. I support that fully. However,  to me,  game launching seems to be a really core feature. It is a core feature of Home, and yet other than Warhawk (and I believe MotorStorm 1) no games are supported. Games don't have to offer the seamless integration of starting an online session with friends,  they just have to be available from a menu in Home. Just the ability to start a game without going through the whole process of exiting Home, using the XMB selecting the game, starting it, and then later quiting the game and then going back into Home through the XMB.The whole seamless integration thing can and will come when games that support it start to arrive (though If I were Sony, I would talk to the first party devs and those very closely aligned third parties about patching their games to at least start from within Home).


I don't think it's fair or accurate to call Home a sinking ship, it's only just been floated out of dry dock and is having it's engines installed and being readied for sea trials. It still has to undergo it's final fit out and certification for passangers. 

Press the PS button and launch your game that way if you want to.

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