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Gambit7798's Lame Written Personal Spaces Reviews 2: Neptune Suite

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Much to my surprise, my first review had a lot of positive feedback and already got me as a moderator and a Personal Space reviewer  for a PlayStation Home website,, and also got me some new friends willing to let me tour their spaces (which I will give them credit as I don't care to share the "fame") and all that unexpected feedback gave me plenty of inspiration to continue my lame reviews so here is:

#2: Neptune Suite

Walkthrough: First thing for detail, this entire room is situated underwater with sea life floating outside your window. Just wanted to set the mood there and give a visual representation of the setting.

The entrance: Right as the loading screen clears away you instantly see outside a reverse aquarium-like window that shows the great blue and tons of sea life swimming outside your living room which adds a certain feeling (not entirely notable as I can't explain it) for the viewer. Poetic thoughts aside, the instant scenary is breath-taking (at least for me as a lover of water and sea life). Looking toward your left you can see a nice long bar complete with bar stools with nice little lights above to bring it out. Glancing up, you can see a artistic, rustic looking object that moves like one of those wind things that most likely your grandmother has on her porch that adds some artistic flare to the space. And heading right below the stairs you can see an odd odject sitting in the corner that, when you enter its range (which is indicated by a circle design on the floor below it) the object springs to life and you can see this object is a robotic jellyfish looking creature that follows that person around like a companion.

Going upstairs: Going towards the stairs you will see a huge stone tablet looking thing with a trident symbol in the very middle and at both sides of this tablet are 2 white circles on the floor. But I will get to that later. Going upstairs (which by the way you kind of got to appreciate the nice stairs. They is fancy) looking toward your right are some mini aquariums just for decoration but notable just to bring out that sea loving theme more. And to the left are these artistic green cubes that look they are falling downwards and straight ahead of these is a decorative aquarium with a stone dolphin pattern inside. And going up the 2nd stairs you can see the wind thing mentioned earlier.

Upstairs living area: After heading up the 2nd flight of stairs you will come to a nice open area with a excellent amount of space for a living room complete with sofas and chairs and etc. with a little corner at the nearest edge to you that I personally use for a throne-like area. And at the end of this area is a puzzle mini-game of which it scrambles up a picture of these (usually) robotic sea-animal-like things and you have to put it back together to its original picture (also worth mentioning it plays music for anyone nearby). If I remember right there is a prize rewarded from it (can't remember if so or not forgive my mind). And next to the puzzle is another single white circle with a trident symbol on it. What this white circle does is teleport the person back to the stone trident tablet and back as you please for quick access which is pretty convient (the symbol for teleporting to the upstairs room is a grid symbolizing the puzzle mini-game). But now headed toward the right of this area is my favorite part of the space thats an almost enclosed area that looks like a classic campfire but indoors complete with sofas situated around it perfectly that would be good for some romantic things or just a hang out area. Also, off the balcony you can see that stone trident tablet perfectly and it makes it look like a decoration from there.

The Blast Zone: Heading back down the stairs you will see another set of stairs adjacent to the main room's stairs. This goes down my favorite decoratory part of the house. It is a triangular stairway with a pond on each side of the steps going downward which looks really unique and actually pretty beautiful. Down this stairway is a little space by the wall at the end of this room that is pretty good for decorative purposes as I use mine for a gallery as the walls are really open and it is well lighted. heading right from the stairway is the 2nd mini-game that has a room all to itself dubbed: The Blast Zone. Not only is the room itself really arcade-like, it has its own dance floor complete with a nice techno beat eminating from the back wall. The only problem with this dance floor is it kinda looks dirty literally cause it looks like a pool when its not cleaned in a few months as the floor has brown stains that look like rust stains. On this dance floor, I would like to mention, has a single diamond shape in the middle and another 4 diamond shapes very close by the edges of the dance floor itself. I used these diamonds for my flashing dance floor tile items I bought as the look good there and fit perfectly as well with the environment. Anyways, the mini-game, "Blast Zone!", is a pop-up shooter kind of game where UFO's and such will pop up and shoot at you and you shoot at them and this mini-game holds a maximum of 4 players at a time and its own leaderboard on the adjacent wall. One last thing, this area has its own portal as well with a trident symbol going back to the main area and the symbol to go there is a explosion looking design.

Pros: This space has 2 mini-games, a huge amount of space, space decorations are really good and show off the theme extremely well, a nice fireplace with a campfire look, a space-only companion-like creature, convienent teleporting spots for easy back and forth moving in the space, and its own dance floor.

Cons: The main area does seem kind of cramped, the dance floor looks kind of dirty to the point I wish the decoration limit was up so I could cover it up which really is the biggest disappointment, if that glitch is still around as I mentioned in my last review; you could access stuff that is upstairs from downstairs which, like I said, ruins the feeling of seperation

Opinions: As a lover of water and sea life, I am extremely fond of this area as it is very roomy and the only bad things are pretty small. This area is great for parties and may be a great club house as its an open area with plenty to do with its fireplace, mini-games, and dance floor. If you are a big people person and love to throw virtual parties, this is a great space to buy.

Video: By the official PlayStation Home Youtuber, YourPlaystationHome, the visual tour in case you don't like reading lame written reviews.

Thanks for reading my written personal space review, or if you're just here for the video, I'm sure YourPlaystationHome thanks you as well,



I am going to be the personal space reviewer for the site, soon and my reviews are probably going to be moved there along with pictures to add to it for some more visual help. The reviews will be released on there first and later on the PSH forums so yea check it out. Thank you.

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Re: Gambit7798's Lame Written Personal Spaces Reviews 2: Neptune Suite

Jun 22, 2012

Congrats on the positive feedback, another nice read here. Keep it up!

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Re: Gambit7798's Lame Written Personal Spaces Reviews 2: Neptune Suite

Jun 22, 2012

Thank you =)

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