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Sep 9, 2012

Conrad_Max Wrote:


Here's a better idea. If we want to join the club, simply reply or send in a request. If we have no interest in joining, and have nothing good to say about it, just don't post here.


The original thread, and this one, were not meant to discuss whether a club like this is acceptable or not. It was meant as an invitation. If we want to discuss the topic, we can simply start our own threads on it.


How difficult is it to let someone post a thread on starting a club? Almost every such post ends up with people arguing and complaining about the club even though they have no desire to join. That is pretty sad. To me it looks as if some folks are very desperate to get their two cents into every discussion that has no real interest for them.


Good luck, Jen. Don't mind the negativity. Ignore it. Some people never/rarely have anything nice to share.


That's my two cents. And that's all I have to contribute.


Isnt this off topic too?  Basically doing the same others are and voicing your opinion?  It seems so to me your always telling people what to do, what not to do, and voicing your opinion as if was its  "last word of the day" and no one else should comment any further.  Even making inflamatory comments like "Thats sad" "desperate" sir you need to practice what you preach and stop telling everyone else what they should or shouldnt do especially when you are just as guilty as everyone else.


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Sep 9, 2012

Heres how I see the entire thing.

You have groups of people that feel offended by the implied notion that everyone should be acceptive of the lifestyle and whatever it may represent.

On the flip side of the coin you have people that openly support it (regardless of their own sexuality) in Home and in the forums.


Its more of an issue of political correctness.


Personally I dont support nor condemn.

The argument in the forums is, "are these types of groups segragative" ?

And if not then why is the status quo so lopsided in terms of moderation ?


I'll admit I'ts been a lot of **bleep** for tat whereas one person will post (in an effort to recruit members) for others to check out their club/fam/group/clan/gang. And someone shortly after will create a post for people to join their alternate version of it.


The viewpoints flare and often spiral out of control and suddenly you see circles of people kudoing each others written responses.


So, if gay clubs are allowed to maintain posts and someone has a heterosexual club post....more often than not the latter will be removed by moderation. Whether we admit it or not its censorship and designates partiality at times.


Some people due to their personal religous or socio standing, view homosexuality in any form as an abomination and feel very offended that it is openly  eluded too...especially in a place that is touted as being family friendly.

The "dont ask, dont tell" policy obviously isn't applicable here because I have yet too ever see someone in the forums ask "are you gay" ?


Half of PlayStation Home belongs to the community as a whole. And like it or not some things are and are not appropriate. I'm not casting judgement in any direction and actually this is the first and only time I've even bothered responding to this type of thread, but...some things are just waaaay over the line.


Trying to force people to accept what they may view as being morally wrong should have no place in Home or the forums whatsoever. The problem is...Home in an effort to be "politically correct" is falling short of their goal because they also are projecting lifestyles (and not just gay ones) unto a large community which includes children, young impressionable teens, pedophiles, e-thugs, hackers, etc etc


Personally I dont care who sleeps with who...I just dont want to have it forcefed down my throat when I log into the forums or Home.


Anywayz I got NFL games to watch so have fun with this thread.

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Sep 9, 2012

stevev363 wrote:

ILLUMIN-X wrote:
Jen, the definition of a forum is a place to discuss ideas, philopsophies and solutions. Everyone will not always agree with your particular view. Suggesting that if people dont see eye to eye with you and your agenda for them not to post a reply defeats your agenda and indicates negativity and an unwillingness to embrace anyone elses position.

So in reality you have to ask yourself why should they give a hot hoot about yours ?

Thing is she never posted as a question or asked for anyone's opinion, her post was an announcement of a club creation accepting members. Even so the responses were angry and hateful and full of personal agenda, exactly the way a hate crime is started.  There is no place in these forums for that kind of activity at all! After the way jen was treated, the original thread bashed and her club turned into a mockery because of "social issues"  she has every right to feel the way she does. That thred was filled with complete ignorance and a lack of decorum that was completely uncalled for, nobody deserves to be treated that way. 

I didnt read the original post that was locked (I believe..I'm not sure) or comment on it so I dont know.

But I however did respond to her comment about people not posting if they didnt like her thread.

I simply shed some light on the possible reason why they did


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Sep 10, 2012

As mentioned before, the thread has been locked.  Please do not reply to this thread with a new thread.



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