Mar 31 2007
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Funny stuff

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Well my friend has a Wii and i have a PS3 and i show him and some of my other friends(one of them had a 360) the home trailer and here are my friends responses....
Friend with a Wii: "this is a total copy of Mii avatars."
My response: "What can you do with your avatar? "The only thing you can do with your avatar is play Wii sports right?"
His response: "no you can also text other with your avatar"
My response:"o ok."

Then the friend that had a 360 said it's pretty cool .

So in my opinnion i think Wii users say the PS3 "copied them" but they are just trying to hide that they really think Playstation Home is way better than their "Mii channel" and 360 users think it's either a cool idea or they really don't care.

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