Mar 03 2014
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From Jam Games This Week

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Just posted to twitter. These will come as separates and a mega bundle.


First up we have Pasha looking pretty in Pink! Each item is just 0.99! And the bundle is just 2.49!


Now comes the big one! Our Mega Bundle! Everything for Pasha and Paige for just 3.49! That's 19 items in total! Smiley Very Happy


And for the guys! Share your style with Johnny Depp with our Pierce Bundle! Nail varnish for him in black and blue!







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Re: From Jam Games This Week

Mar 3, 2014
Oh Nooooo!
I think my storage will totally burst and it's already being supported by ducktape, superglue, steel bars and whatever I've been able to find to keep it together! Smiley Happy

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Re: From Jam Games This Week

Mar 4, 2014

The pink ones looks Awesome lol ;p

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