Nov 23 2012
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FreestyleDance Floor.. WTH

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It use to switch between music...Like the playground music boom box..All it loops over and over is the dance floor mega mix...

Did they change something cause this is not why i bought this for..Makes it about worthless now...

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Re: FreestyleDance Floor.. WTH

Nov 23, 2012
Had it since this item was released. Dont recall it ever playing a different tune besides dance mega mix which is pretty much just one tune... "Put your hands up"
Although i hardly use this item, its awesome. Only thing that makes this item worthless is its still as a regular active item which uses 22 slots. But the awesome disco display this item produces is totally sweet. And dance mega mix although just one track gets the party jumping, jumping.
Sony needs to get going on re allocating slot usage on many of its actives. But thats a far off idea most likely.. though a most wanted necessary request.
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