Mar 24 2007
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Filling in the gaps...

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Home is an excellent concept, and will be a wonderful addition to the console realm. If you like forums and chat rooms, then vr worlds are even better. I do however feel that the Home Dev team and Playstation in general should get more direct feedback from end users. So I'll start the list here:
1. Playstation 3 lacks severely in the audio support of games. Ideally, the game developers should not have to be concerned with Voip game programming. Home should incorporate a full duplex audio overlay layer to client units during gaming. This will strip down game development time, and increase game performance. It would also mean that ALL multiplayer games will include in game audio, as the game does not need to include this and the system will control this aspect of the gaming experience. I would go farther and say to incorporate a request for video/voice chat in the pager with a button to accept command to add others to the chat, even if they are not in game at the moment.
2. I feel that downloading games should not be all that is offered for your money. I like having hard copies of all software I purchase. It saves time, and I dont have to worry about reaquisition of the material. Sony should incorporate in the process a mailed hard copy of the purchased software. If my hard drive fails in the future, i would prefer to have the disks at my disposal. Whats an extra 2 dollars for the hard copy and shipping?!
3. I would suggest for the sytem/game developers to demo EVERYTHING! Then, mandate a 30 second survey on the product. This will allow developers to drop titles that are doomed to failure, and focus on highly successful material. Investors save, and so do end users. 60 dollars US is outrageous for any title. This should help bring it back into the scope of the common players salary. If i am going to put out that kind of money for a game, it must be of the highest caliber.
4. Home is virtual, lets extend it. If your going to Role Play with a avatar, does it HAVE to be a human? I'm human every day! i would like to see development pul in already rendered characters from SOE owned games too. There tons of existing rendered characters/creatures developed for games already. Port them in! Need scalability? Swap legs/heads/torsos just like home is using for avatars now. That would be interesting. If im chatting with a purple lizardman from a RPG who lives in florida, and a green rachet/clank in california, thats funny. Its virtual, its gaming, "Make it so number one".
5. Fix the interface! Sony talked about incorporating or making a system download for an alternate os available. Didn't happen. Then there are the Yellow dog and Gentoo projects, wonderful. Why not just add to the existing interface and incorporate a im client compatible with all other IM clients online. GNU/Linux has Gaim. It does the job, its open source, why not? Where is the simple roll-over favorites list for the web browser, that includes a mile long list of the most common internet sites in use? The interface could be sixaxis intuitive; next, back, etc.
Please add more!
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Re: Filling in the gaps...

Mar 24, 2007
About the human thing, read this and you may understand why this won't happen.
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