Apr 14 2014
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Fashionista Socialite's Eggcellent Easter Event

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When: Saturday, April 19th @ 9pm EDT/6pm PDT


Where: Fashionista Socilaite Clubhouse. Then, off to Acorn Meadows Park - Spring


Dress Code: Spring/Easter inspired (There will be a costume contest)


Host: KMDash21


*Please send out club requests to Fashionista Socilaite 30 mins before the event starts. Slots fill up fast so be quick


Here's how the night will go:


First, we will accept the first 30 people into the club. Please don't feel discouraged if you don't make it into the club. That doesn't mean you wont be able to attend. The first 30 people will be able to come to the clubhouse where we will have games such as musical chairs, Easter trivia, find the hidden egg, etc. We will also have some other mini games you will be able to play such as Juggernaut's Easter Egg Hunt game as well as Lockwood's Baron's Eggcellent Plan game. It should be quite the entertaining evening.


Then, we will all head over to Acorn Meadows Park - Spring. This is where those of you who couldn't attend the clubhouse event will be able to attend the Park event. You will be able to follow us there and party along side the rest of us. We will be hosting games and trivia at the park as well. One of our games will be 2-3 of my club members will be dressed as bunnies and the first 3 people to find one of them and PM me their location will be the winners. Don't worry, if you are a little confused now I will be happy to further explain it at the event. You will also be free to roam around the park and play the Easter Egg Hunt game, ride the train, visit the bunny cave, take pictures by the Giant Bunny and of course do races. If we get enough people, we would love to have everyone equip their Free Bunny Hop LMO (you can receive this at the Giant Bunny at the Park) and we can have a Bunny Hop Line all the way around the park Smiley Very Happy


We are hoping this will be a great turn out. So hop on over this Saturday!



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Re: Fashionista Socialite's Eggcellent Easter Event

Apr 14, 2014
Sounds like a lot of fun. If I don't work that day I'll try to make it Smiley Happy
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Re: Fashionista Socialite's Eggcellent Easter Event

Apr 15, 2014
This sounds fun. I'll make sure to add this to my calendar Smiley Very Happy
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