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Re: FREE Sword!

May 13, 2013

SirDragonknight wrote:

For anyone wanting to try to contact Lockwood and ask for a code without using the Facebook route, don't bother, I tried and got a reply that it is only available to users of Facebook. If I wanted to create an account just to get the sword that was up to me but that was the only way they are giving it out.  I am part of that crowd that doesn't want a Facebook account or feels that creating another useless account just to get something free is ridiculous. I can't speak for anyone but myself but HOME related items should be gotten thru a HOME quest or activity not a nonrelated PC aplication or social network. Having put my opinion out there, I really just wanted to let anyone else know that writing them for a code would not work.

Could not agree more..


Keep your Sword.... Lockwood...

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