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Re: Essential Maintenance Question

Aug 1, 2012

Scully420 wrote:

I use home fairly frequently, but do not use the forums all that often - as I am sure is the case with many others...

These updates recently have been random and not in line with the usual scheduled updates, leaving many users who dont frequent the forums scratching their heads.


WHY do they not simply mention the times PS Home will be down on their daily message? I understand there is a lot of work to keep this up and running, but their lack of interest in informing its users (many of which have spent a lot of cash on the many stores in PS Home) is just insulting and thoughtless... 

The additional recent maintenance windows were not Home specific. They were network downtimes, so I don't know that a notice specifically in Home was considered. It would be nice to have it there too, that would be an excellent feature. I do recall seeing something about the scheduled downtime in the scrolling notifications on the XMB for at least one of them though.


There were notices on twitter, facebook, PS blog, and many other places. A lot of people don't follow those, so I don't know if that would have hlped you or not.

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