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Re: [EU] The Mummy's Curse

Nov 8, 2013

Burmecian_Rat wrote:

Geez, they removed the mummy thing already. At only 3 or so days to get this with confusion reigning beforehand about what you were supposed to do, it must be one of the shortest lived rewards in Home history.

Not even close to the shortest.  Some of the rewards from old CP events were not only available for just one day, but some were only available for a few minutes.


To be fair, this event lasted two weeks, but I agree with those that say the event was confusing, poorly promoted and had issues that clearly frustrated a lot of users, and may have prevented many from getting the reward - and how has Sony responded to these issues?  


Cue the sound of crickets.

Sony's PlayStation Home updated mission statement...

"Like it never happened"

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