Jul 16 2013
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[EU]Playstation Home update

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PlayStation Home update: Home will briefly be offline from 8.00 a.m. BST on Wednesday 17th July for routine maintenance. Here’s what to expect after the update…



Summer Sale

Check out the great savings you can make with Week 3 of VEEMEE’s Summer Sale for Home. This week there are 2 massive bundles of clothing, for both men and women. Bring out the animal in you with the large selection of animal Tops and Tails; from a proud Lion to an adorable Squirrel. A fan of Monty Python? Then be sure to check out the collection of Holy Grail outfits for men!



Personal Dining Experience

Invite your friends over for a great meal with the new Personal Dining Experience. Indulge on a number of courses with 2, 4, 6 or 10 friends and earn rewards for doing so!



3D Printer

Being ridiculed by friends for your choice of modern steed? Feeling uninspired with traditional walking? Show them who's boss with the fantastic new Velociracer locomotion and the Mechanical Angel Wings locomotion; just two of the new items available from the 3D Printer.




Check out the latest additions to the Wrangler collection this week. Celebrate the summer sun with the Pattern Shirt & Summer Spirit T-Shirt combo for men or let your skin breath with the Dolly Tank Top for women.





This week brings a new selection of stylish footwear from VEEMEE's inVerse Sneakers collection. With the update is a collection of lace less shoes in a variety of colours for both men and women.







Visit the Billabong Store this week for a great selection of new clothing releases. Surf it up with the Kelly Green Board Shorts for men or work that tan with the Sammy Halter Aquamarine bikini top and bottom for women.







This week there is a new range of MyBathroom furniture. Wash away your troubles with a shower unit and bathtub, freshen up using either the single or double sink unit.




Konami - Club Luminosity Personal Space

Konami present Club Luminosity, the ultimate place to share your love of all things neon. Throw some shapes on one of the light up dancefloors, and lighten the place up with a range of glowing furniture including speakers, sofas, stools, turntables, cocktail glasses and more.





Pinafore dress

Got a formal event to attend? Whatever the occasion, Lockwood shows you different ways to style the delightful and versatile pinafore dress! Dress it up or dress it down, give your friends the perfect summer staple for their wardrobe – all exclusive to the Lockwood Gift Machine.



Hi Tops

Some things never get old, and when they do, they’re really just crying out for a re-imagining! Lockwood have revisited some oldies (but goodies) and jazzed them up for summer 2013! Animated hi-tops are back, but this time they’re only for the ladies.




Digital Leisure - Casino

The Casino’s next All Game Tier Reward is now available for everyone to win! All you have to do is level up to Tier 7 in every single game and you’ll be rewarded with the Playing Card Outfit. The guys will get to be the ace of spades, and the girls get to be the ace of hearts. Harness the power of lady luck and these outfits can be yours in no time!





Baseball locomotion Items and Uniforms

With these locomotion items and baseball uniforms, you can now pretend to play baseball! The Pitcher, Catcher, and Batter locomotion items are available in a 3-piece set deal. In addition, you can enjoy some baseball Uniforms!




Cool Punk Fashions

Extremely cool punk fashions are here! Two shirt types, collared dress shirt and damaged t-shirt, are included. A perfect complement to the set is the punk hairstyles, a short punk style for men, and a long side-swept hairstyle for women.



*Hairstyles are sold separately from these sets.


Atom Republic

The Discotheque personal space and clubhouse have been updated: they now contain a DJ booth to control the music volume. You can crank up the music to the maximum level, or even turn it off completely! You can now also get five lightspeeders vehicles in one great value bundle at €9.99 / £7.99.



Other updates

Mmm, bamboo! No one can resist the cuddly panda bear.  If you prefer a creature from another world, or perhaps even another dimension, really get into character with this detailed reptilian outfit. There are other updates to Threads and Alter Ego including a classic Rockabilly dress, designer purses, and a sexy ninja costume.




That’s all for now. See you in PlayStation Home!



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Re: [EU]Playstation Home update

Jul 16, 2013
That's a rather nice update for EU this week, I especially like the Personal Dining Experience tables being released, let's those make their way to NA soon.
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Re: [EU]Playstation Home update

Jul 16, 2013
Veemee are really stepping up their game! Heart
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Re: [EU]Playstation Home update

Jul 16, 2013

YAY! More Wrangler items..I hope they put them in X7 previews again

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Re: [EU]Playstation Home update

Jul 16, 2013
I like the VeeMee dining tables, I just hope they don't use up too many slots.

And why do they have to be dark wood, I hope they do a lighter word version as well
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Re: [EU]Playstation Home update

Jul 16, 2013

I'm going to complain about NA's update again....that's all I can do after seeing this


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Re: [EU]Playstation Home update

Jul 16, 2013

hope the rockabilly dress comes to scea . i can use it for my ultimecia set. the sexy ninja would be nice too

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Re: [EU]Playstation Home update

Jul 16, 2013

Awesome update EU Home has for this week and I am especially looking forward to getting a tyranosaurus rex riding buddy from the 3D Printer to maw and crunch down.

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