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Re: [EU] PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Beat Down

Nov 29, 2012

stardeth wrote:

Perish_Song wrote:

To think I was going to throw some cash at home today, then I realized the game in which I was going to buy home related content for is 2 years old, and new game related content is...welll....old in and of itself. I'm not going to hold my breath and wallet in hope of change, but I will say this, things have been sliding down hill for a while now and I hope enough light will cause something to be done about it.

Liar!!! Liar, I say!!!! I know this to be true, because YOU spending in Home would be equivalent to admitting the currently flawed system was all hunky-dory with you, and I've seen enough of your posts to know otherwise. Smiley Wink

lol, it's true. I don't splurge on home that often, but I did want som new content that I had been holding off of for forever. Smiley Tongue


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Re: [EU] PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Beat Down

Nov 29, 2012

we all Know that USA home no longer Supports our Real Games... If they did we have new Super Street Fighter costumes and New Tekken Tag 2 outfits etc....  USA home no longer cares about Games...


It's a shame but we all know it's a well known Fact!



Those days are long gone. Home was about our Games but now it's not. Nuff Said...

SHAME on SONY for making us HOMEless by Closing our PS HOME!
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