Dec 18 2012
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Ok, that is IT!!!!!!! This is the final straw, I am now taking action in letting my opinions and feelings as a customer be known. Peakvox is also catering to EU FIRST?! WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?!


We got NOTHING good here this week, half of the stuff was insanely old and should have been here months ago, on top of that, EU is getting everything we get AND SO MUCH MORE. Just like they got last week.


WAKE UP PEOPLE! AS I SAID IN MY NUMEROUS TOPICS, THIS IS NOT A CASE OF "THE GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER". THIS IS BLATENT, OVER THE TOP FAVORITISM OF EU HOME. Granzella was bad enough, but now Peakvox?! The 2 best devs in Home besides Juggernaut, get amazing stuff at the end of the year  while we have to wait until JANUARY 9th.


I would first like to start by requesting the current, up to date contact information for the people in charge of NA and EU home. Are there any public email adresses or ways to contact these people directly?


I  would like to contact them and let them know my dissent and concerns with this outrageous favoritism, along wiith suggestions on  regional releases and what people would like to see.


NA is not getting huge updates compared to EU, or "tons of other stuff". For the love of all that is sane (certainly not me) JUST CHECK ALPHAZONE4 or compare the NA and EU update blogs over the past few months. I've said it a million times, EU gets the same thing as NA weekly PLUS MORE. This is a literal FACT, not speculation. 


As far as there being "too much other stuff" THIS STUFF IS NOT FOR EVERYONE! Not all of us want to shoot people in Uproar, or buy stupid crap from Lockwood.


One we get contact information, I suggest others who are similarly dissastisfied and want to see a change in regional releases, write to these people with our grievances, suggestions, comments and concerns as well.


Secondly, I am writing to Granzella and Peakvox  and expressing my dissent and outright asking them WHY this is happening. I got a vague answer from Granzella in the past, but this time I'm cutting right to the chase.


Again I suggest others who feel this way write to them as well.


We need to tell the BLITERING FOOLS in charge of regional releases what we want. If you are a fan of Granzella or Peakvox and want there content sooner, I implore you to contact them and the people in charge of EU and NA home.


If we are organized with this and show dedication, maybe they will listen. Tons of letters and requests from NA customers asking for this content to be released in NA first? They will at least take notice.


My final suggestion is another one I have said many many times in the past, and I will say it again. We should organize a boycott and let all the parties in charge know WHY, and what we want to buy.


So many people on here are complaining about there being "too much content" and "their wallets need a break" anyways. So why not give your wallet a break, but let them know what you'd rather be buying instead?


Again, this mainly only applies to fans of Granzella and Peakvox who want  their content in NA first, but recently I've noticed more and more people in general expressing dissent over the quality and quantity EU gets compared to us in general.


Other suggestions while writing would be to tell the companies and higher ups  how much you love this content, and if you are like me, how you are prepared to spend an exorbitant amount on this content if it is released in a timely fashion, and while writing to the home staff, tell them you are prepared to take your business elsewhere if you do not get the content you desire.


Some disclaimers...not responding to trolls, or tools who expect me to just "put up"  with this.


And don't make me bring out my old topics and quote myself again. Don't say "all regions are different and special iiiiiiiiiiihhhhhhh" As I have said now for the 43746437439th time, EU gets the SAME content as NA weekly, but SO. MUCH. MORE. and then NA has to wait weeks/months for it. Grass isn't greener, they have lush fields and we have dirt. NA content is NOT for everyone, while EU gets something to please all tastes weekly. I have counters for everything anyone can possibly say to "justify" EU getting all this content before us, all written here:


And finally, I don't want to see the word "virtual items" on here and will instantly stop reading and ignore if I do.


If this is how you think and feel, get off the freaking internet, and certainly off Home, and go back to getting riled up over "real" issues like "FOOTBALL BRO! HOO-AH!" It's fine for people to riot in the streets over that, but expressing dissent on a forum and emails is wrong, just because it's not about something physical?


I am a CUSTOMER and CONSUMER, this is what I enjoy and choose to spend my money on, and I have every right to be angered over these  indisious business practices. It does not matter whether this content exists in tangible reality or not.


So again, if anyone can give me any public contact information of the higher ups in charge of NA and EU home, it would be most appreciated. And I don't mean PR like GlassWalls, I mean whoever is in charge of home. Who is it anyways? 


Granzella and Peakvox's public emails:






We have to let them know how we, as consumers,  think and feel. This happens one more time in 2013 with Granzella or Peakvox, I am selling my PS3, because I can't actually quit home for very long if I still have it, something will always draw me back in with a false sense of security, only to be shafted a month or few weeks later.


No joke, I cannot take shelling out so much money only to recieve these constant slaps in the face, betrayals, and overall just being treated like trash as an NA consumer. I don't know what makes EU so special. It's not just Sony either, Nintendo also treats NA like garbage while giving EU all the good stuff. WHY CAN'T WE JUST BE EQUAL!  

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Dec 18, 2012

I agree with you totally. I have a feeling this Christmas event will not be as good as the EU event and if its not I will stop shelling out money too. I am tired of the favoritism for EU and NA being the red headed step child.

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Dec 18, 2012

Throwing a tantrum will not accomplish anything.  Seeing this every week over and over again is getting old.  Just get over it.  We get more stuff than any other region on Home.  Who cares if another region gets something first.  You sound like a petulant child crying over virtual items because someone, somewhere got it before you did.  I think you need to seriously examine your life if this is your biggest concern.  I personally don't give a flying fig if another region gets something first.  We have plenty as it is.

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Dec 18, 2012

Here we go jeez cant you ppl just wait? its not like the NA ver is the only ver of home that has a little bit less last time i was looking JPN home has the less of stuff 

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Dec 18, 2012

EU is where the platform is based.....and I'm not even so sure that has anything to do with it, but it might. We will get Peakvox eventually. There is a whole lot here in NA that isn't available in EU as well. If anything, they should be wondering why things aren't more equal--if there is even supposed to be some sort of "equality" between the regions. 


It is baffling to me that anyone can somehow think that we in NA are not getting enough content.....or that things aren't "equal". Sheesh. We are entitled to exactly nothing.


...and I love football HOO-AH! Smiley Very Happy
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Dec 18, 2012

We have so much content these days it's overwhelming. Seems our QA takes longer for some things than others. I understand the concern but can't really get upset if it's only a week or two different. I don't know why the beds aren't here this week. Seems they are coming in early January as well. I have to admit I'm surprised to see Peakvox in the EU and not here. 


Personally I'm happy to see a two week break. I'd be happy to see an update to the Core during that time but that isn't likely to happen either.


At any rate I'm going to take time to enjoy what I have and to try and pickup some content I passed on with the deluge of stuff we got already. 

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Dec 18, 2012

GO GET "EM !!!      Smiley Mad        RARF !    RARF !   RARF !  

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Dec 18, 2012

I somehow knew you would be the first person to make a complaint, because you're never happy over anything we get.

So why would I be surprised you'd complain about waiting 2 weeks for PeakVox to reach NA?


Quit your crying already, it's getting quite tiring.

No wonder these companies are hesitant of releasing their content in this server.

Is because of people like you complaining each time our server doesn't get something one week, that another server gets.

This has been the case for many things in the past, and you just all of a sudden have a big issue?

Please, we've heard your same pitch weekly for awhile now. You should save it, because you just make yourself look bad by ranting each time something is left out of NA.


You don't understand the act of patience, and if anything our server has been getting quite a lot lately thank you very much.

The fact you don't like it, doesn't make it crap. (Reference to your Lockwood crap comment.)

We've been lucky enough to get what Granzella has gave us so far, along with the other tons of content we've recieved this year.

So why can't you be happy Miss Negative Nancy? 


Don't reply telling me to ignore your constant crying, because I won't ignore it.

It's time you learn something called, these third parties aren't here to please you Tara.


It's not going to hurt you to wait 2 weeks, deal with it.

Or don't play Home period.


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Dec 18, 2012

They most likey do get the same content as of us, weekly. But they could have more of a budget to work on.


But we also have special events, that give us rewards that EU never gets. We also have the Community Theater. So EU may get more as it may seems, but we also get things here and there also.




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Dec 18, 2012


We can not and should not be equal. I love the EU and JP way of being but I love NA more. Equal would not support customs and culture. Sorry but you already answered most of your own questions. culture, customs, different teams and ideas. They share some things and some just flat out don't.


 Way to late in the game to look for a equal playing field. Make your suggestions in the december suggestion thread. To many EU, JP based threads here now guys..

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