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Re: E3 Quest: View the screens for every kiosk

Jun 13, 2013

Darkening_Clouds wrote:


hyperkane wrote:

Darkening_Clouds wrote:

I'm in HK home and my problem is slightly different. I know by reading  other post the most common kiosk that was forgotten was the PS4 one. My problem though is that I have 4 kiosk's that won't show up. When I stand in front of them I get the "Access the PS Vita system" prompt only. I have left the space and returned and also have deleted and reinstalled home. Has anyone else had a similar issue? Any help would be welcomed at this point.Woman Sad

I think that HK does not have all the kiosks/rewards that NA has. They cannot have Music Unlimited, for example. Good luck.

I think you are right. I don't remember if I accessed the those particular kiosk's yesterday. I was kind of just randomly going to different ones and don't recall if I had access to those kiosk's at the time. I really would of liked getting the hover board though. Thanks for replying.Woman Happy

The info that I gave you was somewhat incorrect. You can get full completion in the HK E3 Event. You can get the hoverboard and the 2013 White Leather Jacket. There may be a reward or two absent and there are a few "empty" kiosks, but you can still finish the event. I will also PM this to you in case you don't see it here. Good luck.

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