Apr 04 2013
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Dr. Who Warning

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I purchased the Dr. Who space and thought I should warn anyone that has a difficult time with flashing or pulsing lights, that the numerous tunnels are extremely hard visually, due to the lights.

I probably wouldn't have purchased the space had I known about the lights.

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Ellen Page
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Re: Dr. Who Warning

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Apr 4, 2013

This is a good and very worthwhile warning to post, especially for anyone who is susceptible to seizures. This doesn't necessarily relate directly to that space in Home, but I won't use my PS3 at all the next time my brother visits, because on his last visit just after telling me how his seizures had been so much better over the past year or so, he got on my PS3 and in less than 10 minutes he had a seizure while playing a game. It's a hard thing for me to see and I know it's hard on him when he comes out of it, so it's definitely not worth it.
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Re: Dr. Who Warning

Apr 4, 2013


SHAME on SONY for making us HOMEless by Closing our PS HOME!
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Re: Dr. Who Warning

Apr 15, 2013

The tunnel flickering can be initially jarring and it lends the TARDIS an overly spooky feeling. However that mood can be put to good use for film clips and the the like--especially if LOOT/BBC decide to release an official Weeping Angels pack.

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