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Re: Double XP Weekend in Novus Prime!

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Aug 16, 2012

Rather than bumping this topic to the top and making an issue of it, simply report it as now being over. Also, sometimes the announcement of expired events may stay up for a while before finally being locked. Perhaps it's a means of letting new people that if they visit here often, they will be informed of limited time events and rewards.


I'm sorry to say, but your good intention is starting to make you look bad. Just report it or ignore it. Don't make an issue of it. Please.

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Re: Double XP Weekend in Novus Prime!

Aug 16, 2012
guys ok in the future i shall. no offense meant sorry if taken that way. :/ to keep discussion going on this open though (didnt desire thread death) i and many a friend on my list loved this extra xp weekend and noticed how much extra traffic novus recieves every time they do it. if possible, it would be great to have it happen monthly. I'm sure it would generate a nice steady boost of clientelle.
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