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Doctor Who loot Suggestions spaces and Species

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copy and paste from doctor who wiki

Platform One was an observation space station designed as an observation deck for various events. It was an Alpha Class space station, meaning it was 'top of the range'.

The space station was controlled by a computer, Control, which in turn was controlled by "the corporation". In 5,000,000,000 it was orbiting Earth when some of the richest and most powerful people in the Universe gathered on it to witness the destruction of the planet by the expanding Sun. It was moved between different artistic events.

The Toclafane were cyborgs, the heads of humans integrated into metal spheres that were sealed shut, making them "pretty". They became a hive mind, allowing them to see the destruction of an individual as no threat. Their personality was amoral and childlike from a failed attempt to regress themselves to children.

The Sontarans were humanoids with large, bulbous heads and short stocky bodies. They had grey-brown skin and deep set features. Sontarans generally had three digits on each hand (two fingers and a thumb). (TV: The Time Warrior, et. all) Some Sontarans also had vestigial hair, generally in the form of beards, which grew white with age.

The Weeping Angels were a species of quantum-locked humanoids, so called because their unique nature necessitated that they often covered their faces with their hands to prevent trapping themselves in petrified form for eternity by looking at one another. This gave the Weeping Angels their distinct "weeping" appearance. They were known for being murderous psychopaths, eradicating their victims "mercifully" by dropping them into the past and letting them live out their full lives, just in a different time period. This, in turn, allowed them to live off the remaining time energy of the victim's life. However, when this potential energy paled in comparison to an alternative power source to feed on, the Angels were known to kill by other means, such as snapping their victims' necks.

The Pandorica was a prison hidden under Stonehenge. It was built to hold the Doctor and ensure the safety of the Alliance.

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Re: Doctor Who loot Suggestions spaces and Species

Jul 7, 2013

I'd like to have an Ood Costume and the old series dog companion. Look a found a picture of both together!


Ood and Dog.jpg

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Re: Doctor Who loot Suggestions spaces and Species

Jul 7, 2013

I can't wait for Wave 2!  It would be great if there was a K9 companion!

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Re: Doctor Who loot Suggestions spaces and Species

Jul 9, 2013
Oh! If we get weeping angel outfits, we need an LMO that only moves when avatars aren't looking at them.Push square to start making lights fail. Don't blink!
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Re: Doctor Who loot Suggestions spaces and Species

Jul 9, 2013

Good suggestions!!!

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Re: Doctor Who loot Suggestions spaces and Species

Jul 9, 2013

Hope we get these avatars in the next wave, with the actions and facial expressions!





And don't forget the Daleks!



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