Jan 23 2013
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Digital Leisure Craps...

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Your craps tables really need help. Some good suggestions would be to have a 10/15 second extintion so i can get all my bets placed. Also the maximum betting limits really needs to be RAISED. The maximum is just far to low on a game like craps where you can place over 20 different bets @ the same time. You reach the table max to quickly and i still have more bets i want to place. I can't max my pass odds bet' because i want to have atleast 2 more come out rolls and play the field.


in real life it's nothing for me to drop between $300-$500 on a single roll. Gambling is my leisure.

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Re: Digital Leisure Craps...

Jan 24, 2013
I suggested raising the limit several times so you could place max odds bets but never got any response. It's ridiculous how low the table limit is with a 10 chip minimum.
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