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Re: Definitive proof Home WILL NOT be on the ps4

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Nov 22, 2013

The amount of hand wringing with this topic is getting to be really sad. Home will or will not be on PS4. Continually fretting about it day after day with the numerous threads on this topic isn't going to change the reality.


I've elected to cut my spending to next to nothing until there is a definitive statement on the issue. I'm not going to stress over it. There are too many more important things in life to worry about.


I personally think it won't be on PS4 so if it does show up it'll be a pleasant surprise. I'm going to simply enjoy the tons of things I've already purchased and add a few items that really tickle my fancy. I'm definately not going to get caught up in the buying frenzy they'd like us to do with the avalance of new content each week.


If you want me to spend my money... tell me what to expect for the future. That is a simple enough request and certainly a resonable one. 



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