Oct 03 2012
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Customizable Navi...

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 I was thinking it would be great to be able to customize certain parts of the Navi (really only referring to the Favorites and Personal spaces lists).. I don't know how many of you feel but I would like the ability to be able to put those 2 menus in any order I would like. I'm sure you all have Places that are higher on your list that you don't go to often and have to scroll way down to get to the ones you do go to. Like I have a few personal spaces, mainly the ones from the welcome back pack that I never go to and would like to move them to the bottom of the list and out of the way.

 The same goes with my Favorites list there are and will always be places on it I go to more often then others, and would like to put them in order accordingly. Now with the Favorites there is a way to get the order how you want but it is such a pain in the butt and long winded way to get it done and would benefit from a much easier way to do.

 I don't see this has being too hard to implement. Seeing none of the shoulder buttons are utilized in the navi they could easily assign this feature to one of them. It could work like this, slide the space you want in the main slot, press and hold the assigned shoulder button, then use the Left stick to move it up and down in the list, when its where you want it in the list let go of the shoulder button. It would work just like a drag and drop..


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Re: Customizable Navi...

Oct 3, 2012

i agree with u one hundred percent.  i own many properties, but only frequent a couple on a regular basis and would like to be able to list them appropriately.  i support this idea!

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Re: Customizable Navi...

Oct 3, 2012
we could just get a active PDA that pop up like the L1 command with favorite location and place for quick access but press holding r1 and L1 at same time

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