Nov 23 2012
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Craps game needs improvements

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Last night I logged on and tried the new craps game.  I was glad it was added to the casino, being one of the most exciting (and complex) game in the casino.  What makes craps exciting is the vast number betting decisions, and the great payout.


Couple of issues I have found.  Some of them might be due to my misunderstanding of the interface.


- Cannot make place bets on the come out roll

- Cannot make horn bet (I cannot place the cursor on it)

- No lay bets

- Propositions bets and hardways should allow 1$ bet, the table minimum does not apply there.

- The app should make a buy or place bet automatically based on the amount.  For example a 10$ bet on 4 should be a buy bet.  If winning it pays 2:1 instead of 9:5.  The app could take the 5% vig on the win automatically.

- Need ability to turn on/off place bets on the come out roll.  Same applies to come odds and hardways.

- There should be instructions on how to use the UI, not only explanation of craps rules.


Nice to have:

- I would like to see other players bets (and and movement if possible!).  The chips should be placed on the table based on your location, just like in a real casino.

- Hop bets

- World bet

- Bet on all hardways

- Ability to press bets

- Ability to do inside, across, left hook, right hook.  For example, I should be able to bet 32 across in a single action, which would place 5 on 4,5,9,10 and 6 on 8,8, for a total of 32.


I'm sure more experienced craps players could suggest several options. 






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Re: Craps game needs improvements

Nov 23, 2012
Another bet that would be interesting are fire bets. I am not sure if those could be added without violating some kind of copyright.

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IRe: Craps game needs improvements

Nov 23, 2012

I don't even know HOW to play craps...need a good teacher!!!

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