Dec 19 2012
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Crackle and RadIO your messing up LOOT

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Ok, I have the Sunset yacht, hollywood hills home, and the space apartment. And one reason i payed good money for them is the Radio and the movies. I get on a couple weeks ago and half the RadIO stations are missing (country was my favorite). But I get on today and all thats on the free movies is season 3 and 4 of Rescue me. A T.V. show not a movie. Dose anyone have ant Idea what is going on. Becase It would be nice to have a little info on what happened and how long it will be before they fix it. It would be nice if they had things working right before they moved on to new things like there game. I don't know about anyone else but Loot needs to get things fixed. This is realy starting to bring down my Christmas season and make me angry. Me and many others have payed hard earned money for these personal spaces and deserve some ansewers. And soon.

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Re: Crackle and RadIO your messing up LOOT

Dec 19, 2012

They change the navigation for the radio. Cant say for the tv/movies.

To access your (our Smiley Wink ) old stations you need to press the right arrow to radio IO, hit X, hit X again. There you will have the selection we know.

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Re: Crackle and RadIO your messing up LOOT

Dec 20, 2012

I haven't been to my Loot space's much since they brought out the radios. But I heard they took the out all together so they could sell them separetly. And maybe they took all the good stuff from Crackle too so they could sell more of the EOD tv's. But I think that's a really bad move on their part. But these 3rd party developers I think suffer from a god like complex. They feel since they created it, they can giveth, and they can taketh away.

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Re: Crackle and RadIO your messing up LOOT

Dec 20, 2012

They also do live updates so you might have checked in the middle of one. My EOD seems about normal to me. 

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