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Re: Cosmic Corner & Carla's Coffee Shop

Mar 18, 2013

FinderKeeper wrote:

To the best of my knowledge the Coffee Shop is only available as part of the two bundles. I usually prefer buying spaces a la carte, so I understand where you're coming from. It would be nice to have an a la carte option (and probably for 1.99) for those of us who prefer to add our own combination of items from what we already have or as separate furniture items or bundles.


I think a lot of the confusion would've been avoided if the "CARLA'S" neon sign wasn't displayed so prominently in the Cosmic Corner, they could've just called the non-existent bar "Cosmo's" (or "Kosmo's"). Smiley Wink

I agree with you on that one Mr Finder, the big 'Carla's' sign on a space that doesnt include the space is VERY misleading (and no doubts designed to be just that).

I, like a lot of people, spend a good deal of money on Home and I'm happy to do so, so I resent this kind of exploitation when I'dmore than likely happily buy anyway if they just took the time to tell me exactly what I'm getting.  No doubtst theres somebody out there who doesnt have so much to spend and has wasted precious dollars thinking they were geting Carlas, it's people like that I feel for.

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