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Re: Confused about one thing...

May 4, 2007

Viralblue wrote:
Alright, I'll try my best to make sure this is the last question. I notice that alot of people are upset because they didn't receive an invitation. Was this something you all had to apply for at a certain date or something? Will people who were not available still have an oppurtunity to test the beta? Or is this strictly for the people that applied for it and received some sort of acceptance letter.
No big deal really, but curious because like I said, I was at Ft.Knox driving tanks, and had no clue of this, lol.

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The invitations were randomly sent out on April 25th.  The e-mail invitation had a link to a page on this website where you could enter your information and sign up.  About 23-24 hours after the e-mails were sent out, the sign up page was no longer active.  From then, no one heard anything about the US Home beta until today when the PS Store was updated and most of the people that got the e-mail and signed up on the site in time were able to download it.  I doubt that any more people will be accepted into the beta until August-October when the open beta starts.

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