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Club List - Last Updated 8/30/14 (added "T-W-L Marines" to Gaming & Roleplay)

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The Club List
{?} - Status Unknown

Welcome to the new and improved Club List! Originally a "tome" on the old Jive forums and later converted to a text-only format, it has now been converted back into a html/table formatting. :D


Want a quick and easy way to access the club list? Just go to CLUBLIST.TK! Click here to return to normal...
Want your club here?
If you manage a club (group, guild, etc) and would like it to be added, feel free to send me a private message or post a comment.


Please include the following within your message/comment. If you don't have something, don't worry about it.


• name of club (group, guild, etc)

• link to your thread or website (dead link meant only as an example)

• when your club meets (doesn't have to be specific)
• description (will compress down to one massive paragraph)
• NOTE: If you have both a thread AND a website, you can link to the website in the description


If you have nothing to link to (highly recommended), just leave the name as is. Due to character restrictions, please avoid including any embedded content. By default, I will choose a category for you. If you would rather choose it yourself, please specify the category in the message / comment. If you would like to keep 100% of the the original wording (as compared to 95% w/ minor corrections), please spacify. If you ever need your entry to be edited, moved, or deleted... just send / post another message or comment. I'll make the necessary changes and confirm via PM / reply.


Latest Entry(s):


[NEW] T-W-L Marines - Weekly

T-W-L Marines is a military based club. We follow Marine ranks and will be starting weekly meetings ...Southokilla420 for more information.


[EDIT] Zermeno Boyz Club - Every Sunday @ 7pm  PST

The Club of legit gamers of the PlayStation Home world. We are mostly involved in game launching to retail games as a group from our clubhouse to own others and obtain tropies at the same time. We complete PlayStation Home challenges and often mob it to public spaces. Our members have thousands of trophies, platinum trophies, ultra rare trophies, etc. Message me, ZermenoBoy, via the PlayStation Network if you're interested in joining. Visit our site for a better overview of our club.


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Unofficial Club List - CLUBLIST.TK

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Aug 31, 2014
Gaming & Roleplay

4am - Anytime we can

We're a club looking for any players or fans of PixelJunk4am. 4am is all about players,viewers,djs,dancin fools,ravers,ragers,etc...


A.N.A - Every Fri. @ 6pm EST

We are an Assassin's Creed clan. We hang out in the labs or anywhere else on Home. We're about gaming and having a good time. We're a drama free clan and we just use the Ignore & Report features at any drama that does come our way. (Rapturesassassin)


The Black Hat Squad/Black Hat Squadron No meetings

We are a group of Novus Prime pilots. No rules or ranks, just plain old fun. Not a skill base club either. A funny bunch who happen to like playing Novus Prime. Adults only, no jerks allowed. (facebook page)


The Club of Champions - Every Fri. @ 10pm EST

We began as a club called "Club XLR" ran by xlr8life which was a branch off of a former club called VLR (Vive La Resistance). On October 9th 2009 club xlr was converted to the Club of Champions, now ran by x-champ-x and SeeImage_Inc. Friday nights is when we meet for game launching, tournaments, general discussion, and more. We are always looking for new people to join in on the excitement. You can check out our website HERE.


Combo Breakers - Subject to members' availability

Combo Breakers is a club for fighting game enthusiasts. CB will serve as a haven where folk can meet and duke it out via their favorite fighting games. Players of all skill levels are welcome! Aside from serving as a hub to game launch... members are encouraged to share their love of their favorate characters, talk tactics, exchange tips, and have random discussions! Links - TwitterPlayStation Home Today


CUEPHORIA - No specific meeting times

(Web)(Mobile) We are a "kick-back" club for pool sharks and those that desire a challenging game of 8-Ball. Once in awhile, the members comes together in the Bowling Alley to play round robins and just chill in a casual/care-free manner. Cuephoria tournaments are also hosted for chance to put your skills to the test and win prizes. Overall... expect to play against solid players and become the next generation of Cuephoria. (hoshinn)


DepartmentOfMysteries - Meeting times TBD

DepartmentOfMysteries is a club for grown-up fans of the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling. We are focused on enjoyment of the wider Potterverse through engagement with the Pottermore areas of PlayStation Home, light role-play, and general geeking out. Members must be 17 or older, should have an account registered at, and have linked it to their Home account. Interaction and cooperation with other Pottermore-related clubs in encouraged. Drama is discouraged.


Famous Players - Almost Every Night

We're a group of friendly and competitive gamers who meet almost every night of the week. We play most games on Home and quite a few outside of Home. The dress code isn't strict, but we try for a punk look. There is no particular displayer color as you are your own gamer. If you're interested, send PATSPAWN or rathsbuten a message and we'll be happy to meet up with ya! (twitter - @PSHFPC)


{?} Gamers Echigo Thursdays at 8:00 P.M. EST

A club for mature (18 and up) gamers (male or female) to interact on PS3 games, anime, music and movies.


The GE 501st - Meetings on Saturdays bi-weekly and Events often

The GE 501st is a Stormtrooper Club on the Playstation Home. We are actively looking for new members. Please leave a message for Lieutenant General Destro on FB or on PSN screen name xxCOBRAxxDESTRO or contact Grand Admiral GuardianAngel on FB or on PSN screen name GuardianAngelz47. You can learn more at, our Facebook page, or the PS Home Gazette article at


Guns of the Helghast

Guns of the Helghast has been around since 2009 and is still going strong with their gatherings, gamenights, and overall great community. Hosting events throughout the week (including public gathers and gamenights such as Killzone 3 & ModNation Racers), there's never a dull moment at Guns of the Helghast. If you would like to join Guns of the Helghast or would just like to know a little more about our community, please visit the website here.


Imperial Security - Every 2 Weeks; training every Thursday

We are a Star Wars club based on the ISB ranks. We also have a EU club and we do our best to help the Home community. We meet every 2 weeks, but we also do events such as community relations recruitment drives, and training every Thursday (all members must attend). I, DtigerUSA, am the GrandAdmiral and KimoKeller is my second in command. We are the recruitment officers.


IWGC Move - Members can meet when they want

Our club plays Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 golf using the Move controller exclusively. We have an EA Country Club in addition to our own web site where members can interact via a message board and chat room. We have daily tournaments where you can compete for club awards but having fun is most important. If you're interested check us out at our web site.


Knights of The HOME open Table 

(Search "Kot Hot") We are a HOME gaming club. Chess game meet up's happen here on occasion. We hold Home and Game related discussions while playing Chess. We are part of The Unity Clubs.


LAIR Every Sun. @ 9pm EST

We make ARGs on Home. We have been since 2009. The games are interactive stories that play out as you solve clues and riddles. To sign up at our website to recieve email broacasts and updates click HERE.



Our clubhouse is the "The Haven of the Skies" and the founder wishes to share game rewards with others. The club has lots of arcade cabinets, the day at the races game, brimstone poker, and other games. That's pretty nice, right?


RE Dancing Friends - Every Other Month; 1st of Jan, Mar, May, July, Sept, Nov @ 8pm EST / 7pm CST

(tag REF)  My club is all about Resident Evil, dancing (must love dancing), being friendly/making friends, and talking about other games. I would love more members in my club that have Resident Evil-themed names such as Jill Valentine, Chris/Claire Redfield, Albert Wesker, Ada Wong, Leon Kennedy, and other major characters of RE. Join my club and dance while taking about games such as RE and others. Let's be friends, everyone. ----Negativity/Haters not allowed----


Samurai Squad

We are a Bushido based Squad who are becoming hip to the new world. We honor our roots and battle Ninjaand Samurai Style, but our skills range through ALL the games of PlayStation Home. Click HERE to visit our website.


T-W-L Marines - Weekly

T-W-L Marines is a military based club. We follow Marine ranks and will be starting weekly meetings at our T-W-L Marines HQ. T-W-L means "The War Legacy." We have a Facebook group and an YouTube channel. Add or PM Southokilla420 for more information.


Whispers in the Dark - Twice A Week (not required)

WITD is for people who enjoy Roleplaying and just hanging out. We're looking to bring together the misfits of Home and prove that you're never truely alone. We're a Fam looking to provide friendship, family, and great memories to those that wish to join us. If you or anyone else is looking to join, please message Lady Chey via PSN with the subject "WITD". As access to an computer is limited, Lady Chey will not be able to check messages on here frequently.


White Shadows Clan events and activities hosts monthly; check Events Area for details

White Shadows is an international clan which was originally set up in 2007. Since then, WS has developed into a multigaming community which welcomes individuals from all sorts of backgrounds with diverse skills and interests.Our PS3 division is proud to support and maintain an active presence in a number of games, including Grand Theft Auto, FIFA, Battlefield and Call of Duty.


A World To Call Mine - No specic meetup time; whenever possible
We're a caual club; low in numbers at the moment. We're mostly an RP group, RPing scenarios from family life to zombie apocolypse. If interested in joining, please message me (Nen-Tail) for us to meet on PSH and make a character for you. Thanks. ^_^ ~Nen


Zermeno Boyz Club - Every Sunday @ 7pm  PST

The Club of legit gamers of the PlayStation Home world. We are mostly involved in game launching to retail games as a group from our clubhouse to own others and obtain tropies at the same time. We complete PlayStation Home challenges and often mob it to public spaces. Our members have thousands of trophies, platinum trophies, ultra rare trophies, etc. Message me, ZermenoBoy, via the PlayStation Network if you're interested in joining. Visit our site for a better overview of our club.


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Unofficial Club List - CLUBLIST.TK

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Feb 14, 2014

HomeStation Magazine - production meetings by invitation only

HSM is PlayStation Home's literary journal nonpareil: a Sony-positive and Home-positive publication devoted to mature and literate coverage of Home as social network for gamers. Created in October 2010, HomeStation is comprised of daily web articles, quarterly magazine issues, and regular videocast episodes and related machinima. Presently serving an audience of 6,000 to 7,000 unique visitors per month (including multiple developers), HSM's goal is to serve as a platform for Home's finest writers and artists to share their thoughts on Home and Sony gaming in general. Individuals who wish to be published in HSM are encouraged to read this resource, and are welcome to contact for further information. HomeStation can also be followed on Facebook and Twitter, as well as the official HSM thread in the Sony forum.

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Unofficial Club List - CLUBLIST.TK

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Mar 6, 2014

The All Mighty - Every Sat. @ 7pm EST

A UNITY Branch - Friendly environment, respectful, meet new friends, each week we meet and discuss on what's new from PSHome and the UNITY group. help in organizing PSHome events, and have fun while at it.


Chikara Monthly meetings as scheduled

We began our multi-club social group on April 30th, 2011. Anyone can join. A lot of you are asking, "What is Chikara?" It's a simple philosophy meaning "Many Strengths." We welcome all users to join, as there are no ranks in Chikara. I, donandgert, am the founding leader of the first roster, Chikara1. We also have Chikara 2 through 11 active as we find more leaders. Our goal is simple... we are not asking for a miracle, just a bit of common sense on Home. Come follow us as we achieve this through the following of The Chikara Code. I wish all Home users my deepest respects and thanks. For enlistment in Chikara, feel free to send an xmb message. I will reply as soon as possible. We're also on Facebook.


Dance@Janes – Fridays at 6:30 PM EST / 11:30 PM UK TIME

We meet every Friday in our Dance club at 11:30 PM UK time and just party party party. Dress code is optional and advice is given as to where to buy the best dance clothing. An extra boogie box is added to the club music. Dance moves are optional and again … advice is given as to the best dance moves. There is extra disco flooring in the club and loads lights … plus we have a pool table in the Bar areas for those that want a break from dancing. Of course, the club is open to members at all times.


Fanime - Every Other Saturday @ 9 PM EST

Fanime is club for anime lovers. We get together, talk about the anime and manga we're  into at the moment, and go out to bowl/dance. If interested, please msg gangstaboi22.


Frostys Army - Every Saturday @ 11 PM EST

We're a pretty big group made up of all types of people with different talents. We share a few things in common, but there is one thing in particular... frosty the snowman head. We do everything (glitch, watch movies, play games, share stories, etc...), but we mostly just hang out and try to have fun. We don't have a lot of rules and we don't take your individuality away. I, FA_ILL_LIFE_FA, am the club leader with scarfacenyo- as my second in command. We would love to welcome anyone with a frosty head to come check us out. Get to know us, learn a thing or two, and maybe even make a new friend or two. If you're interested, please contact me. Remember... keep it frosty my snow people! (*>*)


GHOSTRIDERDUDE19 - Every Friday @ 9 PM EST

If anyone wishes to join my club, find or speak to me. I'm always at the Hudson Gate racing my dolphins. I will try to answer any questions to the best of my ability. You can also speak to any of sub-leaders as well.


The Homeling Collective

Public Gatherings - Often

Representative's Council Meetings - Every Wednesday @ 9PM EST

Central Command Meetings - Every Sunday @ 7PM EST

The Homeling Collective has been an active entity in PlayStation Home since the closed beta era. With dozens of Motherships, and a score of Social Vessels within Home, the Homelings® could be included under any category in this club list. For more information besides that in our official club thread, see our wiki page @ Our official web portal, Fluidic Space, is exclusively Homeling, but has many links and such for visitors to peruse.

"Like" us on facebook: The Homeling Collective

"Subscribe" to us on youtube: The Homeling Collective

"Follow" us on Twitter: Homeling Collective


The Home Gnomes 

Home Gnomes was not made to be overly serious, or sap the fun from anything. And it was also not made for drama. We are primarily a group of people who enjoy laughing, Talking, Glitching, and most of all... being unique. And for all intents and purposes... This club is unique. Click HERE to view the thread! ~chrismsandvig


illegitimate SnowMan No official dates; every now and then

We're a snowman club, but we'll NOT frosties. We use the female snowman head as well as the new one. We game together, hang out together, watch Netflix together, host game tournaments for rewards, etc... We're peaceful people.


playstationhomevoltage - Movie nights every Saturday; Monthly meetings @ 6 PM EST / 3pm PST

We have movie nights every saturday. The meetings will be held every month at 6pm EST / 3pm PST. If you want a club invite, please send a message to skynat100 or carlosnyninja. We also have parties sometimes if we're not busy planning updates for the club. You can check out our post on the PlayStation forums, our new YouTube channel, our Facebook page, our website, or our new Ustream channel. Again, contact the users above if you want to be in our club. Please message all your questions about the club to shynat100 via PSN.


MddElite Meeting days will be determined when we get more members

We are a club that wants to help people by doing giveaways and letting you meet new people. If you want to join, send a message to python_9000 or MddBrad. The color for the club is anything you want and I (python_9000) will try to help out in anyway I can. So please... send a request and I will see you on Home! One last thing... if you're going to join, I don't mind if you're in other clubs. Just pop up our tags when you are hanging with us. Thanks!


mëtäl wärrïörs - Wednesdays; Fridays & Saturdays Optional

This club is for those who love heavy metal, minigames, horror movies, the occult, and/or goth/emo/punk. Once the structute is in place, essentually every decision for the club will be made via a vote by each of it's members and every club member is just as important to me (poorplayer102) as the club itself. There are only two rules: We do not war with other groups/individuals on Home and we do not war with ourselves. Your popup color, clothing, and tags can be whatever you want. Meetings will be held on wednesday nights, parties will be friday nights, and movie nights will be saturday nights. The parties and movie nights are not mandatory and it's okay to miss a meeting if you have a good reason. There is no penalty for missing a meeting, but it is high recommended that you don't miss one. As for ranks... they are based on heavy metal culture, specifically concerts, and promotions with be earned by various means. Also, I do have two last things to add. Each person who joins will be rewarded via the Cauldron of the Sunless Kingdom, Cutteride Estate, etc. Those who do the most for the club will be rewarded via the gift machine. Before you join, there will be an interview. This is to weed out trolls and those who just want the rewards. The interview is also there so I can get to know you. Have an excellent day and I hope to hear from you soon.


MSWP (midnight shadows wolf pack) [Leader: MommaWolf] 

MSWG (midnight shadows werewolf gang) [Prez: GenobeeX VicPrez: Chirrp]

We are a friendly, welcoming, and helpful club with personality. We encourage loyalty and drama-free get togethers. A general interest in wolves in encouraged if you'll like to apply to out club. Website is WIP; please notify said persons above if interested. Please note that "MSWP" is for users with "wolf" in their PSN Id while "MSWG" is for those without this. Otherwise, the two are the same club.


Mystivious Adventures - At least once a week

Members must be mature and respectful. There's no dress code and our clubhouse is the "Old West Saloon" turned Blues Bar. It includes blackjack, liar's dice, darts, poker, pool games, and even an jukebox. Blues music plays throughout the week with dance music on the weekends. There are guest rooms available if you wish to stay. We plan to have regular get-togethers, activities, and events. To apply, PM LeeStone71 to show interest.


Otaku Rock Every Friday @ 5 PM EST / 3 PM MST

Otaku Rock is a Anime Club for people who love the Japanese culture and Anime. We promise we won't be bossy. The updated thread now includes two surveys. One is for the sub-leader application. The other is to tell us about your experience and how well we did.



This is Devon Britt and I'm promoting a new club. It's mainly for socializing and chilling. The tag is "subc" and I hope to see you soon!



Come join! We started back in 2008 and had the likes of Glasswalls, Tempest_Fire, and jack buster are our parties. I, FutureNaruGirl, am the new owner. Mr and Mrs Lockwood used to run RHO and we had over 100 members so come join.


Saints Of Death (S.Ø.D) - Thursdays @ 9 PM EST

Our club is for people who just wanna hang out and have fun. We have your back no matter what. Contact info - Terrio120


Scholacticus Literati Monthly, some months bi-weekly.

It is a club that will act as a place for people who like to discuss international events, history, philosophy, psychology, or anything that can be considered intellectual. The club will host live recorded debates between members either bi-weekly, or monthly. If enough people join debates can be as often as moderators can be enlisted. As a free thinking society, we will not tell you what to believe. Facts will be presented, it is up to you whether or not you believe them.



I'm CUTTER626 and this is my club.


Spirit - Fridays @ 7 PM EST

Spirit was created to bring people with similar interests together. We participate in many events, socialize, and really do whatever!


StarLight Lounge at hollywood hills night club - Look at board for get togethers

(Dark_Warrior3000) This is a club meant for socializing, meeting new people, and relaxing. We like to watch movies, listen to music, swim, watch fireworks, play arcade games, play pool poker, and have darts tournaments.


UDV: Reign of Blades

UDV stands for Underverse (The Chronicles of Riddick), though this group isn't about the movie in particular. I merely like it for the "darkness" of the Necromongers and how cool they look. This group is mainly about hanging out on Home. We talk about about games, movies, anime, and we might even roleplay. We plan to have themed meetings (certain outfit, certain soace, etc) and it's a good idea to have at least one dark outfit. It doesn't have to be gothic or anything, but generally just dark. I'm looking for mature people and I will warn you if you don't seem to fit in. If you can't give a good reason why you we should keep you, we'll have to kick out you. If you're interested (curious, have questions, etc), please don't hesitate to send me (MLn_22) a message on PlayStation Home. Also, you'll have to pass a kind of "small interview" to join. It's nothing difficult though. We look forward to seeing you!


United League Dancing - Sundays @ 7 PM EAST at Theater 3; in the Emporium

 We are Home's greatest competive dance academy. We teach moves such as "Yawn + Spin/Twirl > Cheer". We have a competive leaderboard for Teams, Free For All, Solo, and Tournament Dance Battles. The global Dance League Leaderboards reset the first of every month. There is no dress code, no need to change your club tags to United League Dancing, and no need to purchase any dance moves. We have a ruleset for those who don't want to use Purchased/Reward Animations. For a rulebook and placement, message Artof5Rings.


Zeta Tau Alpha - Monday, Wednesday, and Saterday @ 6 PM EST

We're a social club originally established on the basis of getting more chapters of the Sorority to play on Home. However, we have since adapted to just having fun and playing games. If anyone is interested, feel free to pm and/or add me (blackstarz2012) and I would be happy to answer any questions. 

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Unofficial Club List - CLUBLIST.TK

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Feb 14, 2014

This category currently has no clubs. Try again later...

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Unofficial Club List - CLUBLIST.TK

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Feb 14, 2014
Movies & Television

The Walking Dead Club - No meetings

There are no meetings or anything like that. Basically, we'll just looking for people who love The Walking Dead frachise, play games, and watch it on tv. Members who wear the walking dead tag will be Kept. Once the club is full, those who don't may lose their place to a member who will. ...thx Jen

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Unofficial Club List - CLUBLIST.TK

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Feb 14, 2014

Magical Mystery Club* - Every Tuesday @ 6pm EST (7 CST or 4 PST)

We give you ful information on PSHome update, PSN Store update and Plus, And we do events, we do We give ut shouties/announcements talk bout other club news such as Gamerindepth, Mew Happenings, PSTALENT, loot, and much much more commnuity clubs.. We do have a meet every week Tuesdays at 6:00 pm Eastern.. 7 central 4 Pacific Thank you and please join now! Send request to it..

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Unofficial Club List - CLUBLIST.TK

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Feb 19, 2014
Community Helpers

AlphaZone4 Community Clubhouse - Every Saturday and Sunday in the AlphaZone4 Community Clubhouse.

AlphaZone4 is the essential encyclopedia of everything to do with PlayStation Home. AlphaZone4 Community Clubhouse members offer help and advice to PS Home users, as well as act as associate reward hunters and aid in keeping our item database up to date. If you have any enquires about the AlphaZone4 Community Clubhouse you should send a PSN message to MEZAIAL. (Please note: Due to the nature and popularity of AlpahaZone4 we regret that all random friend requests have to be ignored. If you have something to ask feel free to do so, but please do it in a message and not a friend request).


Black Dragon Warriors

We're here to help out others in case of drama. We are neutral, take no one's side, and do not judge. We simply get to the bottum of things and try to solve your problems. We're currently looking for good guards and can always be found in Edo! I, Vampirala, am the leader.


Grand Paradiso - At least once a month (towards the end) 

Club/Organization dedicated to helping the Home community, and just having fun in general (see thread for details). We'll meet at least once a month towards the end of the month.


Legendary Hurricanes

I, Isutigersfan72, am the owner and founder of the Legendary Hurricanes, We have 2 clubs and 2 partners (me and cajun4life). We love Home and we love helping out the Home community. If you're looking for great and active organization, this is the club to join. We help members and treat each other with respect. We are professional at what we do, so come check us out and feel free to subscribe. (facebooksite, or twitter) We also host community events as well. Our club has great leaders and great members, so come check us out.


The Nights Watch

The Nights Watch is about preserving the peace and serenity of PlayStation Home. We are based out of Great Nippon of Edo and are always looking for new faces. If you would like to contact us, message "Marbleizer-" or "AdmShenanigans".



We are a family dedicated to helping and protecting the Home community. We roost those who break the rules, but we do so professinaly and avoid doing anything that might get one suspended. In addition to protection, we also have monthly parties (with contests) and help others with the xmb, PlayStation Vita, or anything else they need help with. We'll even go far as helping with real life situations, such as break-ups and deaths. While most families have rules, we instead opted to have values instead. Our values are honesty, loyalty, pride, respect, and trust. We have meetings, seating arrangements, and line formations. Our family is made up of multiple clubs (depending on rank) and our members' first piority must always be the Home community. All we ask is that is one hour a day for five days a week. Members get weekends off and the "work" is very simple. Go out and about, enjoy yourselvess, and help if your "spidey sense" hits. CaptainKiptou (kippy "purr" luv) is the founder and we're looking for those with good attitude and purrfections.


PSN Exclusive Fridays

This is for the "PSN Exclusive" club. We meet Fridays for movie nights. All other other information is confidential and only available to those who seek it.


Saints Angels - Club Meetings TBD

Do you like to help protect people on Home? We help those who are being bullied are harassed in a professional manner. You must have been with Home for a minimum of 1 year and we're looking for anyone to help with answering questions regarding Home. Provide assistance and answer any questions should anyone ask. Being a fan of Saints Row will also go a long way, but is not necessary. Currently, there are 2 co-leader spots that also need to be filled and will be filled over time. If you're interested in joining S.A., please send me (Disneynut) a message via PS3 and include a good time for us to meet up. Also, please include when you joined Home (Month & year) and please no messaging via the forums. Once a time has been set-up, you will be invited to the club house for an interview.


The Sanguine Blade
Are you the type of person that enjoys having fun, But also feels that the club drama generated through most of them is pointless? Do you seek a club 
with structure and guidelines? Do you enjoy being apart of a group that works torwards the same goal? Or would you simply like to learn more about Home and the things it contains (Glitches, Cool people and other wisdom)? If so then there is a club for you! In The Sanguine Blade (TSB) participation leads to power, respect and eventually higher ranks. Plus the things learned while in the club will prove invaluable. For our thread, And links to more information click here.


T*K*C*R Society

(Adorable-Cutey) We're looking to open up new ways of meeting others who wish to change the world in a positive way... no matter how big or small. We aim to form a positive group for all and are looking for new members with certain skills. What skills, you ask? This could be anything as long as it helps others. This might be decorating, recruiting, or even singing. If you have a club yourself, we're also willing to become affiliates. For this to happen, one of your leaders must join us and one of ours will join yours as well. Our members form a pretty tight bond and we're respectful of each others' boundaries. Feel free to join us and get to know each other. Thank-you and we look forward to jamming out.


Wolfpack - Every Other Saturday

We are a group/fam that stands up against bullying and harassment on PlayStation Home. We stand for respect of our pack family and everyone on Home. We have meetings, parties, and patrols. We also recruit and accept each member as family. We're always ready to help and we're open to alliances with other groups/fams who want our protection. Our leader is Just-Chris289. For more information, feel free to contact xXpizzagirlXx aka Jill. You may contact me ether via PSN or here on the forums.

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Unofficial Club List - CLUBLIST.TK

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Feb 14, 2014
Fashion & Decorating

Badd Incorporated

We are the people behind PSH Project Runway. We produce Fashion Competitions and YouTube videos. Our channel is PSHProjectRunway. Check us out and add BaddIncCasting for info on how to apply!


Costume/Cosplay Club

(Iced-Tea-Bagger) This is a club for people who like to create their own custom costumes from movies, games, television, celebrities or just custom in general. The club members also help with ideas, share creations, display our work in public spaces, and take photos with fans of our work. The club is not serious where you have to attend weekly meetings or you are kicked out or anything like that; it's just for fun. I am not the club leader as there is no leader; I am just the founder. We are open to all ideas club members might have for events. The clubhouse is the moon forest and it's all decorated with a full arcade with 9 different playable games.

DIAMOND'Z & PLATINUM'Z Fashion Clubs Meetings every Thursday @ 9:00pm EST (8:00pm CST / 6:00pm PST)

Fashion clubs for ladies and gentlemen who love to be fashionable and stylish on Playstation Home. Our clubs host fashion shows, pageants, contests, parties, and many other events. We also participate in a number of photo and video shoots and provide fashion consulting services for a multitude of individuals, groups, and clubs throughout PS Home. Raffle drawings and contests are hosted every month for club members to win PSN cards and prizes!!!


Glamour_Girls - Monthly Fashion Shows

We are a ladies fashion runway club with fashion shows. There are three judges and five winners. There are five categories and each catagory winner will receive a $20 PSN Gift Card. There are no rules except that models must be mid to full height and no presents. The idea is for lady fashion lovers to have fun. The next show is on March 22nd from 9pm est until the winners are chosen. Each month, the categories will be annouced in advance. The March show will be called the Face of Beauty. The catagories are Wedding Dresses, Cocktail Dresses, Swimsuits, LIngerie, and Drey fashions. ~Shelley


Haute Couture - Monthly Meetups

(Fashion Club - Runway Shows) We have monthly meetups to display and reward the most creative and original outfits one can design in Home. Members are challenged to create costumes to go along with themes; much like Wardrobe Wars but with standards. Prizes are awarded from the LKWD Gift Machine and/or the Veemee 3D Printer. If you are interested in joining, please contact PSN User: HauteCoutureClub


Home Decorator's Guild

Hey all fans of Home decorating! We know you're out there... and we need to join forces! Knowing there's power in numbers, we have created the Home Decorator's Guild just for you! It'll act as a home base for deco lovers! It's a place to come together, hold events, share ideas, and offer some AWESOME fun to Home users.  Do you have a decorating club on Home? Contact us! Are you a Home user who is interested in taking part in both showing off your personal spaces and sneaking a peek at others' ideas? Contact us!  Please send me (CameraCat) a private message and tell me the following: your time zone, day(s) of the week you're available for club meetings, and what time of day is best for you to meet. From there, we'll compire a list of potential deco clubs and meet-up schedules.

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Unofficial Club List - CLUBLIST.TK

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Feb 14, 2014

Dirty Angels - Most Friday & Saturday Evenings @ 6pm EST until it ends
Adult night club themed, promoting the sexualized and rebellious clothing made by PS Home devs, weekly parties, club meetings, and events with prize give aways; no children, no male avitars, general description on club thread...

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