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Club GamerIndepth

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The GamerIndepth Club

Hello PSHome Forum,

Thursday May 13th, 2010 Gamerindepth had its first meeting in the GamerIndepth clubhouse. You might recognize the name GamerIndepth from the long running Playstation Home podcast of the same name. Yes , that is us! We decided to create our own club and we invited a few of our favorite friends to join us. GamerIndepth is OUR club. We are a team who reside in Playstation®Home. We are and will continue to be a respectful part of the Home community. A majority of us have used home for over a year and some since closed beta. We have great members who support us on decisions. We are constantly building. We are always expanding. We have a family atmosphere and our club gets along and respects and supports other Home clubs. We are going places. We are GamerIndepth!

  • Meeting are Thursday nights at 7:00 PST - 10:00 EST

    If you are interested in joining you can send a forum PM or XMB PM to one of the following GamerIndepth staff members: VirtialKandi , StephyPeachez Quasar338 They are currently accepting user request to join. (We are working more weekly community events if you would like to help out please contact YowsahsItsMeesh or TempestBladeSong)

Our meetings are discussion based, mostly on Playstation Home and the PS3. We will be hosting Events, Parties, and other surprises!

We hope to see you soon!

Our meetings are well organized and all new members will be briefed on meeting protocol.

We will also be updating this thread with our PlayStation®Home focused content. Please feel free to critique us, throw rotton tomatos at us, or just post a "job well done" here. That way we know whether or not were doing well by you!

Best Regards,

GamerIndepth Staff


GamerIndepth's ShoutOuts

GI ShoutOuts is our community based show mentioned above. If you or someone you know has a project or upcoming event please let us know. There is a good chance we will be able to feature them on an upcoming episode.

The GI Podcast

The GI podcast is the longest running HomeCentric Podcast. The GI Podcast features members of the GI Club as well as GI staff and contributors. Its very lighthearted and fun to listen to. 


Replay With DOC

Replay with DOC is our Gaming show. Check out all the hot industry exploits on this program and feel free to leave Doc as much feedback as possible...he loves it!

GI Roundtable

This is my baby! Not featured in PlayStation®Home, but has the same quality as a Community Theater based show. Every month I do a series of shows on many different topics ranging from Comics, to movies to video games of course.

Luge Control

Luge is hosted by the one and only LugeyPS3 from the tester season1. It's actually an extension of her YouTube page formated specifically for a PlayStation Home audience.


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Re: Club GamerIndepth

Aug 14, 2010

great meeting narde 15 keep up the great work 

Gamer Indepth Podcast
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Re: Club GamerIndepth

Aug 16, 2010

Hey your the one that hosted *pats Stevenb on the Back* the credits all yours

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Re: Club GamerIndepth

Aug 18, 2010

Yup, it was a good meeting.


I need an invite to the club though.

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Re: Club GamerIndepth

Aug 18, 2010

And you shall Have one! There are a few changes to the GI Club so you may won't to keep and eye on this thread for more details.



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Re: Club GamerIndepth

Aug 18, 2010


Meeting agenda for 8/19/2010


Time: 7PMpst/10PMest til 8PMpst/11PMest


Host: Narde15


Meet and Greet


Playstation Home Update

  • Whats New

Playstation Network Update

  • Whats for the buy
  • Whats for the pass

Modern Warfare2 Black ops

  • Since the InfinityWard debacle, are you still on board with Trayarch?

Assets Link1

Assets Link2

Assets Link3


  • Your Thoughts

Blog Post


Mass Effect PS3 Port

  • Is this a nail in the coffin of the 360?

Kotaku gives the Skinny


Team Pic


Please contact YowsahsItsMeesh for an invite or just do a search for club:


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Re: Club GamerIndepth

Aug 19, 2010

The Agenda on the official GI forums has been updated.


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Re: Club GamerIndepth

Aug 25, 2010
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Sep 10, 2010

Extending congratulations on your partnership with PlayStation Home.


Well deserved

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Re: Congratulations

Sep 10, 2010
I saw you guys' video in the Auditorium yesterday. It seems like everyone has a blast while at your meetings. I recognized a few names in some of your pictures and the attendance post above: EvoAnubis, Jersquall, and Footballrule (gangsta ); I can't remember if I noticed anyone other familiar names, though

Keep up the good work. Also, I would love to see you guys in Warhawk or the Warhawk forum
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